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Posts: 20 St Paul November 3, 2013
Here's a very basic list for those that have weddings and trying to figure out how to straighten out and make sense of all the planning. Note also: The "traditional" is not always the best. Weddings should be FUN; not a way to break you and your family's bank accounts aiming for Over The Top.

1) After you pick a date, Look for venues! Go around your town...VFW's, American Legions, and Country Clubs are good solid choices that are more than happy to offer room and most often, their kitchen and waitstaff too. If you can't find any that can acommodate the date of your wedding, maybe ask friends to host in their backyard (naturally, weather permitting). I've been a DJ at outdoor receptions and those sometimes are the most fun!

2) Look for the cake decorator. Nowadays, many people decorate cakes in their own kitchen. Perhaps a friend/family member is able to help out. Instead of a large sheet cake, maybe asking about small treats or cupcakes for the guests.

3) Find a Photographer. In today's world of camera phones and tablets, this is relatively more difficult to find. Photoshop and Instagram are nice, but you'd want your photographer to have a solid working knowledge of what kind of pictures you want. Maybe letting him/her know where the wedding is; perhaps the photographer knows some out of the way nooks and alcoves in the surrounding area that would make very romantic settings for a few pictures of you and your new spouse!

4) Look around for music/entertainment. The days of wedding bands are pretty much long gone. They are available, and there's no crime in booking that kickass 80s cover band you saw at the bar a few weeks earlier. But keep in mind, they do need to take breaks (bathroom, food, etc) and during the down time, what do you do? Dead air can kill an otherwise great evening. Also, they sometimes book months in advance and can have fees that range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Wedding DJ's are always in abundance; but the lowest bidder is not always the best option. DJ's, like any other vendor, need time and money to be able to track down your favorite hard to find song(s); figure out logistics and work with the layout of your reception venue. The good ones are personable and can use the microphone and the music to your benefit; not theirs. Your best bet is NOT to hire on rate alone. The adage of you get what you pay for rings true here as well. You need to find someone that represents you and you feel comfortable with. $100 could get you a DJ with incredible musicality but has no idea how to talk on the microphone. $900 could get a wiz mixing music with agile skill, but has zero personality and doesn't take guest requests.

Finally, you can always check the internet classified sites. You'd be surprised how many vendors are waiting for you to contact them!

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