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Posts: 1 Bronx, Manhattan, or Long Island City September 22, 2012
Looking for a wedding venue in either the Bronx, manhattan, or long island city. Venue near a train. We are on a budget of possibly $30-$40 pp to include tax and gratudity. Also a place that will allow a ceremony and reception in same place. No more than 100 people on guest list. Any suggestions?

Guest May 9, 2013
We can do it ! email Colors Restaurant NYC
Posts: 107 January 16, 2013
Call the Pelham Bay Diner. It is located near Co-op City in the Bronx just off the New England Thruway, Exit 10. Here is the website, but it does not show the private ballroom which is absolutely perfect. They can do a beautiful breakfast/brunch for that price and the food is just fantastic. You can also arrange for a cash bar so folks could buy their own drinks, and they usually provide your wedding cake. Any help you need in coordinating this, do let me know. I'm available and live in Northern Manhattan. I can also give you a nice print package including invites and magnet favors/chocolates. Best personal regards and good luck!

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Posts: 5 January 12, 2013
honestly for your location manhattan, long island, bronx its going to cost much more if you live in brooklyn there are a couple of places that are very affordable for you bugdet feel free to contact me via email i look forward to hearing from you

Guest September 25, 2012
I specialize in planning weddings on a budget. I know a few places and caterers combined that can give you what you're looking for. I will be glad to give you a free consultation if your interested in hearing me out. I promise no obligation or annoying phone calls if you choose other wise. I'm located in New York. Please feel free to contact me so we can discuss further. My company is Couture Occasions. My name is Nicky (347) 699-7502. Looking forward to hearing from you...
If not, I wish you the best of luck and congratulations!

Guest September 22, 2012
Sorry, the venues I am aware of in that area are a bit pricey. Maybe you can try North Jersey or Central Jersey to get better pricing if you are looking to do an evening sit down dinner. Brunh Receptions, Thurday and Friday evenings and Sunday weddings are 40 - 60% cheaper than a Saturday evening wedding. Also, when you attend bridal shows they tend ot offer significan discounts on receptions and specific venues. The internet is a useful tool
Posts: 107 September 22, 2012
Dear Cmelliott0907:

I know of a couple of places, but the cost would be more like $45-50 pp not including tax and gratuity.

A suggestion would be to have a brunch wedding earlier in the day or on a weekday. A buffet would be less because there are less demands on staff, but could still be elegant. I work exclusively with two venues in the Bronx and one in Queens. I could do some searching on Long Island City. Manhattan is not a possibility for that many guests.

Contact me. I am a wedding coordinator and work very cheaply and could give you a package that would include coordination, print design including invites, photography, videography and DJ. I would also be your planner for the day to be sure that your day is just perfect. I also offer packages of decor, depending upon your colors.

I can be reached at 917-833-4662. I am located in Northern Manhattan and could give you a presentation of my work.

Take care and good luck!



p.s. to Guest, don't be a jerk - not necessary!

Guest September 22, 2012
good luck! Have uncle Bob do it.

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