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Posts: 23 December 31, 2011
We threw an exquisite posh birthday bash for a group of friends. The birthday girl knew about the party so it was not a surprise. However, she was unaware of the planned events....

All of the guests met up at the spa, and the birthday girl arrived last and was dropped off. She was surpised and had no idea what was going on! Behind the scenes our event coordinator, gathered gifts set up the the hotel room. After the spa, the birthday girl was then blindfolded keeping her totaly unaware of her location. Her eyes were not unvieled until she was 560 ft in the air at the World Famous "Wolfgang Puck 560" Resturuant. Which is in the heart of downtown Dallas. This amazing restaurant provides a 360 degree view of the Dallas sky line as it rotates in the air. After a few cocktails, dinner and dessert. She was then blindfolded again, as the group shot down the 50 story elevator. She then found herself in a lavishly decorated room. Our event coordinator had champagne, cake and 4 floral bouqets of atleast 70 flowers. In the room the guests exchanged gifts , stories and played the "WHAT IS THIS " game. Afterwards, the girls were to go to the House of Blues while leaving the only on to return back to the hotel. The plan involved the birthday girl being surprized to find her husband in the room when she returned!!

Spa Treatment for all guests

Dinner at Wolfgang Puck 560

Specialty Cake


Party at House of Blues

and hotel room at

They Hyatt @ Reunion Arena
Posts: 385 May 28, 2012
Hi The Special Date,

It sounds like the event which you described on December 31, 2011 was fun for all.

In your May 22, 2012 posing you said that The next best thing to a complete surprise party is a surprise party in which the birthday person is unaware of the events of the day!!

Indeed, an event such as the one you described might be far better than a complete surprise party. There are numerous reasons why your type of event may be better which I have discussed in detail in my article Surprise Parties for Today’s Busy Professionals and Students on April 20, 2012 on i-meet.

By scheduling the event the way you did you avoided the risks of:
  • calendar conflicts
  • scheduling an unwelcome event
  • overlooking inviting people the honoree would really like to have invited
  • inviting the people the honoree would rather not have had.
Additionally, you may have avoided the possibility of having an honoree being unhappy -- thinking that no one was doing anything special for her and given the honoree the opportunity to let the planners know what she would really enjoy as well as what she would not enjoy.

Ronald G. Shapiro, Ph. D.
Education by Entertainment
Posts: 23 May 22, 2012
Parties such as this are extremely fun to host!
The next best thing to a complete surprise party is a suprise party in which the birthday person is unaware of the events of the day!!

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