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Posts: 314 April 12, 2011
My event planning company, Making The Day, does a considerable amount of weddings, so it was fun to do something a little out of the ordinary. I was approached by a woman who needed assistance with her husband’s 50th birthday party. She told me she travels for work, and didn’t have the time to do any of the planning, and could really use my company’s help. She told me she wanted a Mardi Gras theme, and was adamant on using an authentic down-south Cajun food vendor called The Chili Brothers.

After finding a venue that would allow an outside caterer, it was our turn to really make the event POP. The space was a large blank hall, with cream colored walls and a red colored carpet (did not scream Mardi Gras). So we started to think “how can we make this place scream Mardi Gras.” We wound up ordering 200 square feet of vinyl that was 8 feet high, and had a Mardi Gras theme Bourbon street-scape printed on it.

You could see shadows partying, and it had the wrought iron railings, and the brick buildings, which worked extremely well with the red carpeting. After wrapping the room in this we, did all the tables in purple and gold, had high and low Mardi Gras themed centerpieces, and a fantastic cake. Each table was decorated with coins, bubbles, babies, confetti, crowns, masks, and more.

They had 4 bands play throughout the night, a wide variety of music from jazz, to folk, to southern rock. The Chili Brothers were fantastic. They brought the down south feel into the food serving jambalaya, crawfish, dirty rice, and more. I think this event was a huge success because we basically took a blank canvas and transformed it into a Mardi Gras wonderland. Everyone had a great time, and so did we.

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