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Posts: 395 December 8, 2017

Games for Pairs of People are designed to improve communication. They are also a ton of fun!
  • Our Newlywed Game is for newlyweds.
  • Our Colleague Game is for people who work together
  • Our Family Game is for parents and teens or pre-teens, siblings, etc.

Contestants are:

  • Separated and presented with enter a form or a whiteboard/blackboard.
  • Instructed to write one word descriptors for themselves and their partner as shown in the photograph.
  • Blindfolded prior to being brought back together.
Contestants hold their forms or boards for the audience to see while answering questions such as:
  • How many times did your answers match.
  • What did your partner write for each prompt.
Prizes are then presented to the contestants (and they need to figure out what the prizes are while remaining blindfolded.)

People enjoy the game and realize the need to improve communication.

Note: In some variations of the game, only one participant is blindfolded and predicts what their partner wrote on the board.

These games are included in selected Education By Entertainment programs.


Ronald G. Shapiro, PhD
Education by Entertainment
Guest December 20, 2017
What a fun game!!

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