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Posts: 1 Decatur, Ga October 18, 2015
In the beginning I was searching for a venue that would allow me to be my DIY self but I'm finding that to frustrating especially since I won't be able to set up and decorate the day of. I still want to make my own centerpieces though. I have a cousin that wants to cook but he isn't licensed or insured which is what most venues are asking for.

I initially wanted an outdoor wedding but now I'm thinking that it will be really hot on May 29th which is peak of summer. So I would settle for an indoor place that has 2 separate areas for the ceremony and reception or one that can flip the room. One requirement is that the space be nice for the long lasting memories which are the pictures. I need an all inclusive venue for $7000 but if I can bring in my cousin to cook I don't want to spend no more than 3k on the venue that would include tables and chairs
Posts: 1 October 28, 2015
Cogratulations on your upcoming wedding!
You may want to try looking at venues available through the city you live in. For example, historic buildings, city gardens with an indoor space ect. They are a lot more forgiving with who you choose to cater your event. They also offer lower prices for city residents.
Another way to get things back on track is to lower your guest count. There are many people that you want there to celebrate with you and your fiance, but if budget is important, paring down the guest count is a good place to start. It can lower the cost of your wedding by $100 per person. This also means you have more venues to choose from at a more affordable price.

Hope this helped.

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