"AFB Bio for 2012 -- Original Outlaw Rock!" Based out of Fort Worth Texas. USA AFB is one of the most noteworthy International Artists of Our Time. On March 30th 2012, AFB truly became an International Artist with Air Play in France, South Africa, Italy, the UK, and Los Angeles. Featuring AFB's New Single "Do Me"! This dynamic song features our new front man on vocals, Mr. Donny Hart. AFB is a high-energy ensemble that will grab their audience and propel them into a new dimension. Donny Hart, long time front man & vocalist, along with the dual guitar onslaught provided by Alan Fox with Donnie Pendleton drives their distinctive Texas rock sound, while drummer Terry Salyer and bassist Greg Cagle sit in the pocket making the groove! With consistent airplay, here and abroad, DJ's and Audiences everywhere are listening to AFB's album, "JuJu Ear Rub". Now being followed by their second album release, "AFB-2012". For Booking Info. Please Call *NOT DISPLAYED*