Hello, my name is Vanessa and my fiances name is Savon. we are planning to get married 12/7/2013.  I am not expecting a fairy tale wedding. We dont have the money for that, But i am hoping to have a wedding that I will never forget. I am still in shock that in less then 9 months I will be married to my very best friend, he is a truly amazing man, and I cant wait to be his wife and try every day to make him as happy as he makes me. God has truly blessed us, and i know that He will see us through all of this. If anyone has any ideas on good places to rent decorations, flowers, center pieces, ect please let me know . we are also going to try to do (do it yourself things) but I know that can also get a little stressful so if we can find afforable decorations/centerpieces then we will go with that. I will be working two jobs (one during the day and one at night) while also helping my mom as much as i can, planning the wedding, preparing to be in my friend kaleys wedding, and training again to become a police officer, along with all the small details i will have to do after the wedding, (name changes, moving, passport, and things like that) my plate is full. so the less stress the better. I would really appreciate it if no one would make this about them and would take in our wants and consideration as well during all of this. the first sign of anyone getting huffy because things arent going THEIR way will be the end of their participation besides showing up. :) thank you. i do not mean to sound rude or mean in any way. and if any of this came off as that way i do apologise. and i pray that this whole planning process will be enjoyable and fun. :)

on another note . I appreciate everyones input, but remember this is OUR wedding and we are going to plan it to the best of our abilities without spending a great amount of money, so dont get mad if we dont agree with every suggestion made. i do take in to consideration everyones ideas and i think them through. I talk it over with savon and if we both dont feel that is what we want then we will say thank you for the suggestion but we are going a different direction.there will be no alcohol served there (bars cost money). so if you cant hang out and have fun with us without drinking then maybe you should just skip the ceremony, or go to a local bar, have a few drinks then come back :). i dont care what you do as long as you respect our wishes.

Lindsey Stoddard is my maid of honor. . she is one of the best friends i have ever had, and i couldnt imagine anyone else standing by my side through all of this. she has been there for me when many of my "friends" havent been. she is human she makes mistakes but none of us are perfect.

Ashley Mahor, Kaley Brown, Jessica Faith, and Jessica Wall are my brides maids. these girls are my ride or die always. i would love to include a few other girls but i have to think of the budget for myself and also i must think about THEIR budget and what they can and can not afford. but everyone in my life that are close to me will be apart of this wedding in some way or another so there will not be anyone left out.

Jacob Alexander is savons best friend and best man. he is also in the Air Force like my fiance is, and we hope that we gave him enough notice and will be able to make it. i know he would not want to miss it for the world.

Savons dad, my brother, his brother, and anthony brown (kaleys fiance actually) are his grooms men. and I think his choices are absolutely wonderful :)

I plan on having my pepaw walk me down the isle and give me away. I dont have a dad and i wouldnt want anyone else to do it. He is one of the most important people to me in my life and i would be so blessed and honored to have him give me away to the love of my life.

I am so excited about this wedding and i look forward to the planning of it and having everyone involved :)

we love you guys!

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