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Welcome Ladies to Diana's Fun Fab Ladies Only Afternoon Extravaganza!

I hope you will all enjoy yourselves at my 40th Birthday Celebration coming up on Sunday April 7, 2013 LOL! :=)

I hope to have lots of interesting pampering going on both of the body and the spirit. We will all be sharing ways to do this and even putting some of these ideas into practice too! So it should be loads of fun happy times whilst indulging ourselves with delicious food and beverages.

***Watch this space for upcoming information as details are firmed up!***

***1/31/13 Update: I am in competition with another lady for a gorgeous location that I have my heart set on. Thank you to Queen City Catering for the referral to "WM" *wink, wink*.  If the date falls through however I do have a few backups.  Now off to speak to licensed caterer which is required for the location. May God and Lady Luck shine on me!


2/7/13 Update:  Yay! I got the location for the date I wanted. Now it just depends on the menu since WM prices the facility based on the menu per person cost, *weird I know* so just got off the phone with Elllen at Delectables by Holly finalizing my menu selections and may I say it will be a scrumptious meal for us all on April 7, 2013!!!  Now off to peruse the drinks since I am providing those. Hopefully Ellen will be able to get back to me either today or tomorrow so that I can finish off the week by speaking with Kim at WM to get my facility cost on Friday!


03/19/2013 Update:  So after my hissy fit at UPS and Invitation Duck's wonderful Steve's more polite but just as forceful hissyfit at UPS I finally got my invitations more than a week late. It looks like UPS was holding onto them for some asinine reason. Anyway after I called Steve at ID and he called them, that very afternoon they were on my doorstep despite being in Charlotte since Tuesday.  I will have to of course return the ones Steve is overnighting me but that is something I will happily do. I heartily recommend http://invitationduck.com for their spectacular and surperior customer service in assisting me and then reordering and overnighting the invitations at no additional cost to me and even including a postage paid return bag for just this scenario.  Their selection of invations is wonderful, classy, fun and well-priced.   Commercial over. lol! :)

Mom & I sat down Monday afternoon to make a few corrections on the dates and fill in a few items I had left blank as I had not finalized Vendors yet for some services when I ordered some items.  Then last night I was busy stuffing and labeling and sealing invites. Most everyone should recieve theirs by Thursday/Friday. The out-of-towners will recieve theirs possibly by Monday 03/25/2013. 










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