Antonios Birthday party


Antonio Albino turns "5"

Antonio was diagnoised with Leukemia (ALL) in Hamiltons McMaster Hospital on November 1st, 2011.  By late November he had developed a rare chronic fungal infection. (Candida Tropicalis)  This infection was rapid and feirce.  Within two short months our man was sent off to Toronto Sickkids as there was nothing more Hamilton could do for him.  (hard words to take as parents).  His fungal infection had spread to his Spleen, Liver, both kidneys, upper/lower right and left side of his lungs and if that was not enough, he developed a clot in his right attrium of his heart. After months of inpatient and months of missing his chemotherapy for his Leukemia we have been able to improve his fungal infection by 40-50%.  Although we have a long road ahead of us and many bumps still to come, Antonio shows us a strength and determination we would have never been able to find anywhere else.  He is fearless and strong, his personality is explossive and contagous. Those are just a few reason why so many wonderful people have helped us make his 5th birthday party a great success.  For that, we thankyou from the bottom of our hearts. . 

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