70's & 80's Retro Party  (1-304-496-1463)

Feb. 2, 2013

Please check back for location of party.


Like parties? Many different parties? You've come to the right place. Funtastic puts together many exciting parites that will fill your evenings when there's just nothing to do. We have parties from the retro days to modern times. Rather you have to drive a good distance to get to one, or hitch a ride, it's worth it!


From a 80's retro party to a childs lego get together. We have it all. We put together 2 parties within each month. Check our local paper, The Winchester Star that is delivered daily in Winchester Va, Facebook or add our website to your favorites and keep a look out for the next party.

                                                                               Funtastic Parties

                                                                               Cindy Stout (founder)

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