Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa

25000 Glen Ivy Road Corona, CA
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My bridesmaids brought me here for my bridal shower and it was definitely impressive. The place is like a spa theme park. There are hot springs, mud baths, hot tubs etc... This place is very busy and if you come early, be prepared to stand in line. Even so they have water set up everywhere so you will stay well hydrated. Many of the services are included in the admission price which is very reasonable and they offer tons of discounts for govt employee, teachers, etc... Massages, nail salon services & the grotto (a body moisturizing service) cost money but are well worth it. After spending the entire day here, you will feel well rested and your skin will feel wonderful. The bathrooms are very full though, and its very hard to find an open sink or shower. But with patience you will get what you desire :) Definitely a great place to spend with the girls!

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