Planning Events using the Events page

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Planning Events using the Events page

Planning Events using your Events page

Whether planning a single event or several events, the 'Events' page makes it easy for you to track your event details in one central location.

The My Vendors view shows your latest event and a summary of the Event Professionals you requested to hear from.  On this page you can:

  1. View all your event details. If you have created multiple events, choose one from the event dropdown next to your event name. For each event, you can see:
    • Event Name
    • Event type, event date, number of attendees and event location
    • Countdown to your event
  2. Update your event information as your event needs change by clicking the 'Edit my event' button.
  3. Request information from additional venues or vendors by clicking the 'Add a vendor type' dropdown or the 'Find More' button on each vendor tile.
  4. Personalize your page and user ID by uploading an image of you or your event. Click the 'Change Photo' link just below the default image for your ID at the top left.
  5. Determine your selection progress at a glance and drill down into each vendor type to review your options.
  6. Keep track of venues and vendors as you review your choices.  Indicate if you are 'Interested' or 'Not Interested', or identify an Event Professional as 'Selected' when you have found the one of your choice. These actions send a notification to them to let them know what you have decided.
  7. Zone in on the perfect venue or vendor!  Click through to each venue or vendor to:
    • See their phone number or website
    • View their Eventective Profile with a map or their location
    • See a history of your correspondence with each Event Professional and send messages right from Eventective.
    • Create notes for yourself on each venue or vendor as you narrow down the list for your event. The notes will display in the history for each Event Professional

Please be courteous and be sure to respond to each venue or vendor who has taken the time to respond to your event request! 

Even a simple 'No thank you' will go a long way to help the venues and vendors manage the multiple event requests received.

My Messages enables you to quickly see any messages you have received from Event Professionals.  

  • Select My Messages to see a complete list of messages for your event.
  • See which venue or vendor has sent a new email. Be sure to respond to each venue or vendor!
  • View all email responses
  • By event
  • By Event Professional
  • Review a history of communications with a particular Event Professional by clicking on any message from them
  • Search messages in your mailbox using the dynamic search at the top of your mailbox
  • Reply to a venue or vendor directly from Eventective!
  • You can attach documents to your reply (ideas for your event, event plan and timeline, guest list, table setups, photos to convey your ideas)

Utilize the additional Planning Tools for help with:

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