What is EventClicks?

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What is EventClicks?

What is EventClicks?

EventClicks is a pay-per-click advertising program that gives event businesses more flexibility and control of their online advertising. This option is available for Eventective clients that do not have an active Annual Subscription.  EventClicks offers a low cost of entry and allows venues and vendors to set a daily online advertising budget.

How It Works

  1. Update your Eventective listing with photos, text, contact information, website link, packages and pricing, YouTube videos and customer recommendations.
  2. Sign up for EventClicks.  Select the cities in your area where you want to advertise so your listing receives more visibility on Eventective.
  3. You pay only for results. You are charged when people click your listing, not when your listing is displayed.
  4. Set your daily advertising budget for as low as $1 per day. Pay a rate of 25 cents per unique visitor to your listing.
  5. At the end of the month, your credit card is charged only for the traffic generated to your listing and website during the billing period.

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