Why should I upgrade my courtesy listing?

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Why should I upgrade my courtesy listing?

Why should I upgrade my courtesy listing?

A Free Courtesy listing has limited visibility on Eventective because the free listings display below Annual Subscribers.  Additionally, Courtesy Listings are subject to Traffic Limitations; this means that, at the discretion of Eventective, Courtesy Listings may experience reduced exposure to Eventective visitors. 

Courtesy Listings do not have a phone number prominently displayed on the profile page.  Competitor and third-party advertisements are promoted on courtesy listings.  Clients with Courtesy Listings do not receive lead discounts and will not be able to request refunds on eligible leads purchased from the Pay-Per-Lead Program.

Upgrading a Courtesy Listing to an Annual Subscription gives your business more exposure to our one million monthly visitors so more people see your listing and your contact information.  Your listing focuses on your event business and has no competitor or third party advertisements.  Clients with an Annual Subscription also receive lead discounts and may request refunds for eligible lead purchases.

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