Can I create a custom template for replying to event requests?

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Can I create a custom template for replying to event requests?

Can I create a custom template for replying to event requests?

  1. Click the 'Messages' menu option at the top of your My Eventective page. 
  2. Select a request from your Inbox and choose 'Create a New Template' from the 'Choose Template' dropdown.
    OR: At the left side, under SETUP, choose Templates to open the Template Manager and select the 'Create a New Template' button at the top.
    1. Give your template a unique name.  For example, if this is the template you want to use for replies to wedding events, you can name it 'Wedding'.  You can create a different template for corporate events and another for parties. 
    2. Choose your listing
    3. Enter the text for the template - you have 4000 characters to create the text.  Include an introduction, some information on your services, any special offers you may have and your contact information.  Include Template Variables to automatically personlize your template.
    4. You can include attachments to your template.  Select the 'Attachments' link to add a file.  The maximum file size is 10MB in size and you can include up to 5 files with your template. 
    5. Select the 'Save' button to save your template.  
  3. Saved Templates are immediately available in your Inbox when responding to potential customers.  Just choose the appropriate Template from the 'Choose Template' dropdown.

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