What is the Event Timeline?

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What is the Event Timeline?

What is the Event Timeline?

Whether responding to a free Referral or a purchased Lead, the quickest way to to contact a prospective customer is to send a message on the Event Timeline.  When you click or tap on a Referral in your Inbox, or purchase a Lead from the Lead Market, you are taken immediately to the timeline view of the request.  

This view consists of the Event Header - containing contact information for the event - and the Event Timeline - a complete history of your interaction with the client.  Simply tap or click on any request to see its complete history, from the most recent activity at the top to the original request at the bottom of the timeline.

Event Timeline

The Event Timeline provides three easy and efficient ways to reach out to your prospective clients.

Respond – Send a quick message via Eventective right from the Event Timeline. You will receive notification in your Inbox when the user has viewed and/or replied to your message. The time and date of those activities will be visible in the timeline.

Call – On your mobile device simply tap the client phone number in the Event Header and connect with them immediately. The call activity is recorded in the Event Timeline so you can keep track of when you reached out. Click-to-call also works with desktops and laptops that have integrated calling capabilities.

Email – Send a message from your business email by clicking on the email address in the Event Header on any email-enabled device. Once again the action is recorded in the timeline.

Use the Notes feature to capture details of your client phone calls or copy the text from emails you sent/received elsewhere. Any notes that you add are organized in the timeline for that event.

The Event Timeline makes it easy to develop leads and book business.

For more tips on how to get the best results from Eventective Requests check out this article on Responding to Future Customers.

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