Where can I see my Leads?

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Where can I see my Leads?

The Lead Market displays Competitive Leads – leads sent to multiple event professionals – the most recent leads at the top.  Quickly scan the list for event details such as attendee count, event date, lead location and budget.

Along the right side, you will see the price of the lead, the date it was submitted, and the number of competitors who have already pursued the lead.  Click or tap on any lead to read the event description and reveal the Buy button.

To buy leads:

  1. Sign in at www.eventective.com, and navigate to 'My Eventective' from the Welcome menu at the top right.
  2. Select 'Leads' from the top menu
  3. Or, click the Listing Options button to display the options menu. Then on Desktop: Click 'Leads' in the Options menu on the left; Mobile: Select 'Leads' from the menu above your listing name.
  4. Mobile: Expand the Lead Menu with the menu icon  at the left.   
  5. Select 'Buy Leads' to see your Competitive Leads.
  6. The ‘Lead Market' is where you manage all incoming Competitive leads. Leads are displayed in the order in which they are received, most recent at the top. Unread leads are in bold; previously viewed leads are not bold.
    • Click on any lead to view lead details and purchase options
    • Select the Buy button on leads that you want to pursue
    • Confirm your purchase

Purchased leads are moved to the Event Manager Inbox.

Buy Leads

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