What information can I include in my package?

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What information can I include in my package?

What information can I include in my package?

Define the package name and description.  You have 2,000 characters to write about the package details and what services are included in the package. Be specific, use descriptive text to highlight the package details and outline exactly what is included in the package price.

Indicate the minimum and maximum number of attendees that can be accommodated with the package.

Select the event types that apply to this package. Please choose only the event types that apply to the package. For example, if this is a wedding package, the only event type that should be selected is Weddings.

Define the price for booking this package. Choose from per package, per person or per hour pricing.

Add Attachements and enter your package terms and conditions, such as standard contract details, cancellation policy or any other details you feel the planner must consider before they book your package. 

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