What is the difference between a Referral and a Lead?

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What is the difference between a Referral and a Lead?

Eventective users are planning an upcoming event - parties, weddings, meetings, any event where they need services from Event Professionals.  The event request will be sent to the Event Professional as either a Free Referral or a Competitive Lead.
Free Referrals arrive in your inbox whenever someone finds your business on Eventective.  These users are reaching out to you directly and they are expecting to hear back from you.  It's good practice to reply, even if you cannot accommodate their event.  
Referrals will arrive as an email message with details of the event, but you must click through to your Eventective Inbox to see the user's contact information.  This information is made available at no cost to you.
Competitive Leads come from users who may not know about your business, but asked to hear from Event Professionals like you to service their event.  These leads are available to purchase, or are free to any event business with a Premium Subscription.  Select the events that seem to be a good fit for you and reach out to win them as clients. 
You can choose to receive leads as individual email messages, summarized in the bi-weekly Lead Digest, or access them in real-time in your Lead Market.
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