How does the Pay-Per-Lead Program work?

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How does the Pay-Per-Lead Program work?

How does the Pay-Per-Lead Program work?

Eventective sends leads to the email address you specify.  Our lead emails provide a summary of the event but do not include the customer's contact information.  If the event is of interest, you have an option to purchase the lead for a nominal fee. 

Click the 'Buy Now' button in the lead email to purchase the lead.  You then have an option to enter a credit card for a one-time purchase of that lead only.  You can also enjoy substantial free lead credits by pre-paying for leads on your account.  Regardless of which option you choose, once you purchase the lead you will receive the customer’s email address and phone number (when provided) and you can then contact him/her about the event directly. 

You are not obligated to respond to Competeitive Leads. The Eventective user who submitted the request does not know which venues/vendors received their event inquiry as a competitive lead. 

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