Be Matched with Event Business in Your Area

"I want to thank Eventective for a lead I purchased a few months ago for just $5. Without your lead service I would not have had the opportunity to do an event for 175 attendees where my profit was $7,000! Not only did I make a nice profit, but I have now become their National Event Planner for six other events, one of which is in South America!”
Rick Weiss of Classic Events & Catering - Dallas

With the Eventective Pay-per-Lead Program, you have the opportunity to purchase inquiries where brides, meeting professionals and party planners have requested their event requests be sent to venues and vendors for competitive bid.

Why participate in the Pay-per-Lead Program?

  • Event business in your area is delivered right to your inbox, connecting you with potential customers.
  • It is a cost effective way to get matched with specific event business that could impact your sales. It takes just one booked lead to yield ten times or more in revenue than the cost of 20 or 30 leads.
  • You can pick and choose the leads you want to purchase and pursue.

Eventective clients with an Annual Subscription can request refunds for eligible lead purchases.  Lead refunds will not be offered to EventClicks or courtesy listings.

For venues and caterers the price per lead is based on the total attendee count, which is calculated by multiplying the number of attendees by the number of days for the event. If the total attendee count is 99 or less the price for the lead is $2.50. If the total attendee count is 100 or greater the price is $5. For all other vendor types the leads are $2.50, except for transportation vendors, which are $1.25 per lead.

Make no mistake – the Pay-per-Lead Program requires an effort on your part to sell your venue or services.  We have many clients who successfully book business from Eventective leads by being selective and persistent.  If you are expecting to close business with one email or phone call, the Pay-per-Lead Program may not be for you.

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