CG Sound and Lighting - Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach, FL
Not your average DJs. We have over 20 years of experience doing everything from weddings to corporate events to music festivals, and have the equipment and know-how needed to make your wedding a success. Outdoors, and no power access? Special lighting needs? Wireless mics for participants? We have you covered, for all this and much more. Stage lighting, trusswork, stages, stacks of amplifiers, etc. we have it all, so whether you need to fill an auditorium or a antechamber, we can do it. We can also easily handle a ceremony and reception in different locations, as we have enough equipment and personel to set up at both locations simultaneously. We also realize that we are not the show, but instead are there to help create an environment for you and your guests. No endless prattling on microphones, no cajoling to jump on the dance floor, no banners hanging up with our name on them, etc.. We will make whatever announcements you need, play whatever music you and your guests like and do whatever we can to help you have a happy and memorable event. If you require us to play music for your ceremony know that we have also worked with live acts and performers for 20 years, so getting something right and on cue in front of a large audience is something with which we are quite comfortable and familiar, and we do it well.