Made For Each Other

1210 Lotus Path Clearwater, FL
A Sneak Peek into My Work Life As an ordained Non-Denominational Wedding Officiant/Life Celebrant on the West Coast of Florida, Here is a quick peek into my heart and how I come to this work….. I absolutely love and treasure this work that I do. I have the remarkable privilege to work with couples of all faiths/traditions and beliefs to create personalized heart-centered and memorable wedding ceremonies. I travel throughout the Greater Tampa Bay area- Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Tampa – is my “work home” and I also travel to “destination weddings” outside of these areas. Background and More "WHO AM I" Professional & Spiritual Beliefs I very much appreciate the traditions, beliefs and rituals of all world religions, faiths and paths. At the epicenter of my life are honesty, fairness, compassion, humor/fun and the quest to live a full and love filled life. My beliefs are that of an open mind and curious nature and a life philosophy that is deeply spiritual in nature with love and kindness at its center. As a Non-Denominational Minister, I respect all personal and private beliefs – religious, spiritual or secular. I do not use a wedding ceremony as a platform to promote my personal beliefs but I assist a couple in celebrating their relationship. creating a personalized ceremony is about celebrating a loving relationship I consider myself a” Life Celebrant” – I believe that all moments in Life should be celebrated – from Birth, Baby Blessings to the end of life – Memorial Services. And all the wonderful events in between! In selecting your Wedding Officiant/Celebrant, you deserve a person who loves their work. And I absolutely do. After years of doing this work, I am still so deeply honored to share in a couple’s’ wedding Day.