Mangia Italiano on Third

248 Third Avenue, Chula Vista, CA


My recommendation for a wedding reception - An Eventective User from chula vista california

I had my wedding reception in the back room of a local restaurant here in Chula Vista. The room held about 10 people comfortably and was seperate from the restaurant for total privacy. The owner worked out the menu with my wife and I so we could make sure to get food that everybody would enjoy. They allowed us to come in a few hours ahead of time where they had staff at our disposal to help with decorations. The wait staff wore elegant tuxedos and were very friendly and well-mannered. The room was the appropriate temperature so we were not too hot or too cold. When the guests arrived there were plenty of places that the owner reserved to ensure that they would not have to find parking. There was always a valet outside ready to bring any of our guests car to the from when they were ready to leave. The restaurant is located in downtown where there is not very much parking available so this courtesy was really welcomed by my wife and her family. The food was superb. They cooked us chicken marsala with green beans and mashed potatoes. They also had plenty of choices for people who may have allergies or may be vegetarian. We we glad to know that the owners of the restaurant supplied free wine for the guests which I really appreciated. Over all we had a wedding that will be remebered forever in thanks to the wonderful owners who went out of their way and beyond to ensure that we had a beautiful reception. Thanks again Mangia Italiano.