Upscale4EVR Events, Inc.

211 S. Clark St. b y appointment only Chicago, IL
Our previous clients did not choose us for our event services and process - our clients chose us for our value, relationships, and creativity which sculpts the 4EVR brand and event staff. At Upscale4EVR, we thrive on our creative event coverage mindset. While originally being two separate event companies now combined, Upscale4EVR has become tremendously popular in the Chicago and northwest Indiana area. By fact, when looking at our original logo, the characters include zip codes from both Hammond, IN & Chicago, IL. Our coordinators have organized, creative events for more than 19 years while being featured in Chicago Style Magazines on three separate occasions. Our graphic designers have designed graphics for major brands such as Nike, Illinois State University, & Doobie Clothing (I ? Loud). Lastly, our photography & video crew has shot child obesity events as well as Nickelodeon charities to beautiful weddings. Our clients have included well-known marketing brands, Chicago marked venues, fortune 500 corporate companies, celebrities, trended music artist, and many more. Our clients have found our companies services ingeniously creative while enjoying the warming relationship. Recent clients & client guest have rated our events, an "unforgettable" experience, loving the finely tuned themes and creative nature. As usually said. . . From live birthday celebrations to professional concerts , your next event will be something unforgettable when coordinated by Upscale4EVR." -J Watkins We are an experienced, professional, & ingeniously creative one stop quality event shop. Our event partners produce creative events, eye striking graphics, and memorable visuals at a higher scale than usual. Speak with an Upscale4EVR rep and let us express being... Powered By Design, Driven By Creativity, & Fueled With Events
  • Max Number of People for an Event: 5000