Star Visions Photography Inc. - Chicago

Chicago, IL
Pinup and Sensual Art photography, Pinup photography parties and Individualized sensual photography SV Pinup Photography focuses on fun and flirtation with a little sexy. Pinup sessions are typically, but not always more modest than Sensual Art. Pinup’s are available as an individual session or as a girls night out or bachelorette party. Pinup parties often have a theme. (50s housewife, husbands job, beach party, etc.) SV Sensual Art Photography is about soft and sexy. Ken uses dramatic lighting and unique camera angles to create romantic images highlighting your best features. Although often delivered as a gift to someone special, many clients are creating a personal memory or a personal celebration of a special event. Exceptional Artwork is applied to all Pinup and Sensual Art images to add emotional effect and help make you look your absolute best. This is one of the most obvious differences in SV quality. A free no obligation consultation is available so that you can meet the photographer and discuss your personal taste and vision prior to scheduling your session.