Brain Surgeon Theater

Chicago, IL

About Brain Surgeon Theater

Brain Surgeon parties are an original, creative, and collaborative way to celebrate any special occasion. With our Movie-Making Birthday Parties, Brain Surgeon Teaching Artists will work with all your party guests to brainstorm and shoot a completely original music video. You'll be making up your own crazy choreography, lip syncing with all your friends, and coming up with hilarious green screen backgrounds for us to add in post-production. Or, you'll create an outline for an original movie trailer with a beginning, middle, and end, and then shoot the movie with our professional equipment and staff. We also have theatre parties for aspiring performers of all ages. Choose from a theatre games party- an imaginative, active party that invites you and your guests to explore the physical, vocal, and playing pretend side of theatre- or a mini play-making party where you and your guests will brainstorm a plot, characters, and script scenes to create a short play of your own making before performing it for family and friends.