Mod Photo Lounge

Castle Rock, CO
Mod Photo Lounge is a unique and modern twist to any classic photo booth. Perfect for all occasions, our curved, white fabric lounge is elegant and stylish. The lounge is spacious for groups yet intimate enough for two, allowing guests to have fun and be creative. If you are looking for a unique, stylish and something completely different than a “boxed” photo booth, Mod’s 8’x8’ Photo Lounge is a great choice for you. Our industry leading equipment is housed in a sleek, interactive kiosk providing only the best studio quality photos and prints with a touch of a button. A user friendly iPad station is also available which allows guests to easily share their favorite pics from the photo booth directly to Facebook, Twitter, or email. Our lounge is fully customizable to create a truly unique experience. With so many options such as, personalized prints, social media sharing, themed props, and scrapbook stations, no two events will be the same. This fun and exciting lounge will be a great addition to your event while providing a cherished memento for your guests to keep.
We are a boutique dish rental company offering a variety of modern, elegant and eclectic items to enhance your next event. We have the ability to add to your existing dinnerware or to create a totally new and fun experience that will set your event apart from the rest. As an alternative option to corporate dishware rental companies our boutique style allows us to offer a more unique and fun array of items to enhance your dining experience whether it be an intimate gathering of friends for dinner, cocktails, holidays, birthdays or any other celebration or gathering. Let us set your table!