Alchemy unplugged

Burlington, ON
Alchemy unplugged, also known as Au, is a 2-piece band, consisting of male and female vocals and incredible acoustic guitar. Daren Swanson and Lisa Nicole have been creating music for 7 years together, and have intrigued audiences the entire time they were doing it. Their fan base continues to grow each time they perform. When Lisa sings, if there is a new person in the audience they will be floored. The first time you hear Lisa’s voice you know you have heard something incredible. The second time you hear Lisa’s voice, you know you are in for a song that will engage you with all kinds of inner emotions. The third time you hear Lisa’s voice you wonder why she hasn’t become famous… and the fourth time you hear it, you enjoy watching the reactions of the newcomers, and welcoming them aboard. Au creates an experience that resonates within you each time you hear them. The ambiance is fresh and friendly and often very funny. Daren’s creative musician qualities are pleasantly contrasted with a very brainy science side. His IQ is off the charts and so is his sense of humour. He says the DARNDEST things and often has Lisa scrambling around trying to translate his brilliant madness to the audience. Once Daren’s intentions are understood the laughter is inevitable. Lisa isn’t any less mad she just somehow makes it all ok. Her confidence is apparent, along with her ability to laugh at herself, which she finds herself doing often. She can wrap up an audience in a song or a story and then cap it off with a laugh when she’s done with them. It’s obvious she is naturally suited to entertaining for she seems to have no fear. Their music is raw… unbroken and thoroughly enjoyable. It doesn’t matter if they are doing a cover tune or one of their own, they perform pure alchemy on each number. They take the essence of the song and then convey it with every ounce of their being to orchestrate an impossibly full sound for 2 people. Daren plays rhythm, lead and a bass line with every strum, and Lisa adds profound harmonies and nuances throughout the song to create an overall “complete” experience. Lisa’s voice alone makes this duo worth a listen… Daren’s guitar and vocals alone make this duo worth a listen… mesh the two and Alchemy unplugged becomes the must hear of the year.