Vince Wilson Magician, Mentalist & Mystery Host

Bridgeville, DE
Host Vince Wilson has been on the Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, Destination America, local and national news and dozens of radio shows and podcasts! The Magic and Murder Mystery Co. combine magic, hypnosis, history and murder! During their custom mystery parties, our experts will "contact the spirits" with your guests to solve murders and crimes of the past! Who was Jack the Ripper? How did Edgar Allan Poe die? Who murdered two lovers after they already survived the Titanic Disaster? You and your guests will decide! NEW SHOWS: - Fairy Tales to Tell in the Dark - a magical history of mystical creatures from elves to leprechauns to unicorns and mermaids! - Ghosts of Christmas - A retelling of the classic A Christmas Carol! - Murder in Noir - Our unique spin on the detective story - right out a Humphry Bogart film! PARTIES People will be talking about your event for years! Heck, they may remember it for the rest of they're lives! The Magic and Murder Mystery Co. can customize their performances for almost any venue and theme! SPOOKY HISTORY PARTY Vince will hypnotize volunteers and send them back to see historical figures like Edgar Allan Poe, Abraham Lincoln see Jack the Ripper just before he murders his last victim! HYPNOSIS In his high energy show, Vince entertains and amazes as he not only assures the audience while explaining the myths of hypnotism! The hypnotic trance state creates a sense of heightened awareness that brings out the best in the volunteer performers. The volunteers role-play in various hypnosis comedy routines that are designed to have your audience doubled over with laughter. MENTALISM Is mind reading possible?The Magic and Murder Mystery Co. will challenge the skeptic in anyone with what appears to be real psychic ability! They will accurately predict the answers to a series of questions in advance! The Magic and Murder Mystery Co. will seemingly predict the future with their amazing book challenges! MIND = EXPLODED! COMEDY MAGIC Host Vince Wilson is recognized by many as one of the funniest performers available!
Serving the Bridgeville, DE Area
$800-$15,000 /event
Dewayne has learned to blend amazing magic and side-splitting comedy into one first-class head-lining act. Be sure to believe that everyone will enjoy themselves.