Art&Soul Floral Design

406 W. Industrial Ave., #1 Boynton Beach, FL
Art & Soul is a floral design studio located in Boynton Beach, Florida. We specialize in custom wedding & event flowers and designs for any occasion. We offer a local, independent alternative to the 1-800 florist, drawing inspiration from the natural colors, forms and rhythms of our floral and botanical landscapes & ingredients. Our designs are thoughtfully and artfully crafted with special regard to color, texture, movement and styling. We are fresh and contemporary designers who love experimenting with new ideas & materials - while also honoring the timelessness of things classic. Our flowers & botanicals are sourced directly from growers and local wholesalers, allowing us to select our ingredients from a wide range of high-quality, seasonal materials. We house a collection of hand-picked vintage vases & containers, and also offer handmade, natural gemstone jewelry for sale.