1199 crestmoor drive - mailing address 5401 western ave., ste. c - factory address Boulder, CO
Please allow me to introduce you to Crescent Moon Snowshoes and to invite you to consider us as the source of some/all of your snowshoes at the Nordic center. The best reason for doing so is our binding – it’s recognized as the simplest, best and most comfortable binding to use of any brand on the market. We’ve been making our shoes in boulder since 1997. We’ve provided our products to dozens and dozens of Nordic centers around Colorado and the rest of the country and would like to be your choice as well. Attached is our catalog and some other information about the line, including an excellent 3 section collapsible pole that your customers will find really enhances their snowshoe experience – I will follow up with you and perhaps we can be a part of your mix on your tours. Thanks for your considerations.
Package Pricing
Event Spaces
Boulder, CO  
$125-$695 per event
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