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About Pavaraga

Pavaraga Hawaii is a local farm company with family roots extending over a hundred years in Hawaii and a rich historical background which include a genealogy connection to King Kamehameha I. Our coffee includes farms that are located in Kona, Ka’u, and Oahu. However, the company’s agricultural roots began 20 generations ago in 1594 when our godfather, Juan, mapped, irrigated and planted the first crop in a rural area north of San Miguel. For over 100 years, Pavaraga has been enjoyed by Prime Ministers, Presidents, Premiers, Royal Families, celebrities,Iron Chefs, culinary masters and history greats. It is the first Hawaiian company to be ranked as one of the best roastersin the world. It was named gourmet coffee of the year and has received coffee of the year honors and excellence awardsfrom the S.C.A.A, H.C.A and the W.C.O. In addition to Hawaii, Pavaraga has established farms throughout Asia, Latin America and Caribbean. It is one of the only award winning farm to cup companies in the world. Pavaraga’s products are retailed by only luxury retailers and fine dining restaurants such as Neiman Marcus (exclusive line), JTB, Disney Aulani, JAL, Oahu Country Club and many celebrity chefs. It has been featured on NBC/CBS/Fox, J-Wave, Aloha Express Magazine, Tokyo Broadcasting Systems and Hawaiian Styles Magazine. We offer our award winning coffee from our estates to your table. That includes a variety of our freshly brewed coffee, to our cold brews and teas brewed to your perfection. We offer a self serve or barista showcase for your event, to give the best tasting coffee that makes it a more memorable event.