Bruna Bastos Photography

3601 N. Dixie Highway #03, Boca Raton, FL
When you are wedding photographer you cannot just be there... Definitely not ! You have to feel it! What would be a good shot? Who are the parents? What kind of details, decoration and food were expensive and photographers just have to have a good eye and be sensitive to catch it. You wont have time during your wedding to pay attention in most of the details you chose for your big day. So it is our job to do it for you, and get beautiful images forever yours. For many reasons it is not easy to find someone with techniques, experience and sensitive at the same time. We feel you! And it is more than just an event. We will be there to register one of the most important days of your life. Bruna Bastos Photography offer you three different options of package for your dream day. Any information, questions you may have, please contact us by the e-mail, phone number or website above.