Dr Kent E. Klonel

462 W. Central Pkwy. Altamonte Springs, FL, Altamonte Springs, FL

About Dr Kent E. Klonel

Established in 1989. Klonel Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center provides care and treatment of Motor Vehicle Accident injuries. We provide a combination of chiropractic adjustments, physiotherapy modalities; including ultrasound, electric muscle stimulation both vasopneumatic and mechanical cervical traction and mechanical lumbar traction, exercise rehabilitation to provide an entry-level care plan for an acute auto injury patient. Dr Klonel also utilizes Acupuncture for Pain Management. Remember, You Must Be Seen within 14 Days or Lose Your PIP Medical Benefits!
  • Special Features: Experience is what's important when choosing a Doctor! You can expect pain relief, stabilization and management of your injuries after a Car or Truck Accident. Your care is specialized to Your needs. Dr Klonel takes pride in your results! If you've been i