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Please allow us to contact Confetti, LLC on your behalf with your event details. Your information will be sent to a contact person who will review your event details and will reply to you with detailed answers to your requests.
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Booking Restrictions & Information
Event types accepted: Anniversary, Banquet, Party, Party - Corporate, Party - Adults, Party - Teens, Party - Kids, Reception, Reunion, Wedding, Other
Budgets accepted: $2500 - $3000, $3000 - $3500, $3500 - $4000, $4000 - $4500, $4500 - $5000, Over $5000, 10% - 15% of: $5000 - $10000, 10% - 15% of: $10000 - $15000, 10% - 15% of: $15000 - $20000, 10% - 15% of: $20000 - $25000, 10% - 15% of: $25000 - $30000, 10% - 15% of: $30000 - $40000, 10% - 15% of: $40000 - $50000, 10% - 15% of: $50000 - $75000, 10% - 15% of: over $75000, Undecided
Services accepted: Manage entire event, Manage all vendors and contracts
Other booking notes: Our primary business (see our website) is floral and decor. We will also do full wedding and event planning along with this, if requisited. We are not solely wedding or event planners. All of the leads you have submitted to us so far for our consideration are primarily from the 5 boroughs of New York. They are all low budget. And, they are often 12-24 months away. If we use your service effectively, from whatever way you are obtaining these leads, I need them from valid clients who are a)looking for a high end florist who does different and exquisite work, or, a client (Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Sweet 16, Corporate Theme Parties, Milestone Birthdays, etc) who want someone who does very unique non-floral decor work. We act as planners and consultants when we are already doing the floral or theme work on an event. It would help tremendously if your firm could understand what we do and submit leads for our consideration that pertain to our business. Thank you! Barbara Nelson, owner, Confetti, LLC in Georgetown, Connecticut
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