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Please allow us to contact Marty Katz Photography on your behalf with your event details. Your information will be sent to a contact person who will review your event details and will reply to you with detailed answers to your requests.
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Event types accepted: Banquet, Concert, Conference, Incentive, Meeting, Party, Party - Corporate, Party - Adults, Party - Teens, Party - Kids, Reception, Retreat, Seminar, Wedding, Other
Services accepted: Corporate, Events, Portraits
Other booking notes: Our commercial dayrate is 1200-1500 with assistant and lighting. Our advertising dayrate is $2500. Our wedding coverage starts at $2500 with options for assistants and additional shooters, and is advertising quality. We are active photojournalists for national magazines and newspapers, so our style is spontaneity but with the highest production values. We price like commercial photography projects, not by "package". We usuually provide a DVD of more than 1000 images that are XL, full-sized, not downsized, and are edited and color corrected within three days. Instead of trying to make money off of our clients' album and print orders, we tell you how to do it professionally and inexpensively. Sorry, we cannot do even fast weddings inexpensively.
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