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j_sis471619j_sis471619Posts: 2 August 24, 2010
Im on a very tight budget and need suggestons about a wedding in wilmington nc. Brian and I are from Greensboro nc, so we cant just run and check out a venue here or there. We would love to have the wedding and reception in one place. Thank you all!

L2MediaL2MediaPosts: 1 September 7, 2010
check with my friend Kellie Gibson. google her.
lexon510862lexon510862Posts: 7 September 9, 2010

I'd love to assist you. Please send me an email with more details so we can locate a venue for you.

PURES342496PURES342496Posts: 1 September 20, 2010
Do you already have music/entertainment lined up?
CharlestonaffairCharlestonaffairPosts: 1 September 25, 2010
I know that this might not be extremely related, but have you thought about coming to Charleston SC for a bachelor or bachelorette party? We can certainly keep the budget low and show you a wonderful time while in town.
steph530913steph530913Posts: 5 September 28, 2010
I am a Raleigh based photographer (relocated from Wilmington). If you are in need of a photographer, please check out the website. We are very reasonably price and can meet with you in Burlington or Greensboro to discuss details. I can also offer recommendations for venues.
passion4designpassion4designPosts: 3 September 30, 2010
I have a friend that could help. And he is a DJ also. - Located in Wilmington. Email me @ if you would like his information. I lived in Carolina Beach for 3 years, and Highpoint, NC for a looong time.
I know a florist for you, she's the BEST there! A DJ also, and I know both of them know where to steer you too, and can help you on a budget. Contact me wink

Dana C.

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