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sjhma492892sjhma492892Posts: 3 Southeastern Massachusetts August 23, 2010
Planning a wedding on a very tight budget in the next month or two! Looking for a venue in Massachusetts ( preferably southeastern ) that will allow us to bring in our own food. Any suggestions?
DrRonShapiroDrRonShapiroPosts: 351 August 23, 2010
Hi SJHMason,
If you are planning an afternoon wedding in the early fall think about a state park. The setting can be beautiful. with all the fall foliage. Of course, you can always bring food to a park. just be sure there is a shelter in case it rains. If you are a bit flexible on location, Colt State Park in Bristol RI has a beautiful outdoor setting and is right on the ocean. Lots of people come to the park to take wedding photos in their limos. They have an outdoor chapel. Lots of people get married there too. You could also check on summer camps which might be able to rent space off season.
You might also check on private schools, community centers,civic organizations, religious institutions, etc. for indoor venues that would probably be OK with your bringing in your own food. I recently attended a wedding at Curtis farm in Willton NH. It was a beautiful setting. I think it is probably much more expensive than the parks or schools though.
shelk467420shelk467420Posts: 25 August 25, 2010
Hi. We just booked my daughter's wedding & reception at the local Elk's club. It was $500 to rent (set-up on Friday, wedding and reception on Saturday until midnight, so we basically get it for two days.) They allowed us to bring in our own food, which in the long run saves TONS of money. We were going to make the food ourselves, but the kids decided on KFC to do the catering. At only $3.51 per plate, we are saving about $2,000 (going through another club was $200 to rent for four hours, but we had to use their caterer at $18 per plate. NOT worth it!)
Best of luck!
Guest August 26, 2010
Elk's is good.
Also try a Veteran of War Hall, WYCA/WMCA, Knights of Columbus, a community center and perhaps a church in your area has an outdoor or party/rec room that you could convert.

Good luck!

Guest April 15, 2011
could YOU PLEASE tell me Elk's a address
kicki668055kicki668055Posts: 1 April 15, 2011
has anyone had a wedding at Simon Estes River Front Amphitheater Des Moines, Iowa. Any suggestions
JoyfulPromisesOfficiantsJoyfulPromisesOfficiantsPosts: 82 April 15, 2011
This is the link to the Elks Club website's club locator:

Best wishes!

Marti Barton, Officiant
Joyful Promises
Guest January 11, 2012
Planning a wedding for March 2012 need venue in Palm Beach area that will allow us to bring our own food. Any suggestions?
cdavi796342cdavi796342Posts: 1 January 11, 2012
Im getting married in taylor, mi on sept 8 and I need a place that I can bring my own food. Please respond?
Guest January 11, 2012
If your in Palm Beach County then the Grand Ballroom is the place you want to use. You can shop your own caterers or just do the food yourself. They will give you use of thier kitchen and you can even do your own bar service as long as your giving it away. Gorgeous place.
SS.Sn798026SS.Sn798026Posts: 1 January 12, 2012
im getting married next year do u know of any places that allow outside catering indoor or outdoor places are good my date is may 25 2013 in dayton oh
hatch798266hatch798266Posts: 1 January 12, 2012
my wedding is in tulsa oklahoma on october 12th 2012 we were thinking the rose gardens for the ceremony and the IDL Ballroom for the reception any other suggestions for an outdoor ceremony and an indoor reception in tulsa?
Thick798427Thick798427Posts: 1 January 12, 2012
Looking.for an afordable venue within the price range of $400-$500 we are doing self catering so we just need a venue
addya798564addya798564Posts: 2 January 13, 2012
I am too looking for afordable venue within the price range of $400-$1000. We are also doing self catering so we just need a venue in the south florida area.
ms_bi806548ms_bi806548Posts: 1 January 24, 2012
I am looking for a venue in the Metro Washington DC area in the price range of $500-$1000. I a bringing my own food and drinks. Just need the venue.
Guest January 24, 2012
Guest January 24, 2012
looking for a venue in woodland hills,california for passover. and allow self catering for 50 people. any ideas?
kestl807668kestl807668Posts: 1 January 25, 2012
need a venue in the pittsburgh pa area. Outdoor with indoor option, and lets you bring your own food and drinks.any suggestions:\
Danni807823Danni807823Posts: 1 January 25, 2012
Need a venue in Kennett Square area that allows self catering and has a cash bar.
Guest Holliston, MA October 30, 2013
a need a venue for my wedding, I am having my own catering (near Natick MA)

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