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debor498594debor498594Posts: 1 August 15, 2010
Hello...any Ideas on where to have party....
CaptClarksFlagshipCaptClarksFlagshipPosts: 9 August 15, 2010
You did not say what city you were located in. If you are in an area that has a riverboat or sightseeing excursions, they will probably also have rates for private parties. We have lots of birthday parties on our sightseeing boat and the rate is very reasonable at $1,200 for 3 hours in the "Off Season" months. Enjoy!
eventsbyaleventsbyalPosts: 1 August 16, 2010
Depending on where you live there are quite a few different options. You could always look into your local community center options or even the local fairgrounds(depending on the shape of these places). You might also try looking into renting a vacation home for 1 night. Many vacation rental owners are having a hard time filling their homes this year and may rent it out for the evening.
Guest August 16, 2010
celebrating my husband's 50th birthday
CapicuLove1CapicuLove1Posts: 254 August 23, 2010
It would be helpful to know:
*# of guests
*likes, hobbies and style of the person of honor

This info can be helpful to get ideas to you.

Good luck!
Lise' Ramos
info507459info507459Posts: 2 August 31, 2010
My 50th birthday is also coming up in November and I don't have the slightest idea of what to do for it...and I am a caterer!!!

CEOs467366CEOs467366Posts: 4 September 3, 2010
where are you located? We have a venue you could check out VisionPulse Creative Event & Meeting Center www.creativesuites.com. Contact Ed or Elisa at 858-605-6262, 619-549-0398

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