Help! Trying to decide a theme for a 40th birthday party in October, in Dallas Texas Messages in this topic - RSS

Help! Trying to decide a theme for a 40th birthday party in October, in Dallas Texas Messages in this topic - RSS

mswyn484947mswyn484947Posts: 1 July 27, 2010
I need help, trying to come up with a suitable theme for a 40th birthday party for a woman in October. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
bryan498472bryan498472Posts: 6 August 15, 2010
I don't what theme you will end up with but I can write a song for that theme. to hear examples.
Guest August 20, 2010
Fuse, near downtown is an awesome view and great food. Upstairs , outside , on top of the roof view.
CaptClarksFlagshipCaptClarksFlagshipPosts: 9 August 20, 2010
"OVER THE HILL" parties for 40 yrs. old are depressing for women. How about "OVER THE GRILL" and the men can cook!
CapicuLove1CapicuLove1Posts: 254 August 23, 2010
I would do a "Diva-licious 40th Bash!" 40 is not old, it's sexy. Do have a friend take photos of her and her best girl and guy pals dress glamerous complete with dripping diamonds, sequins, feather boas, glitter sun glasses and other over the top lucious accessories. Take the photos and design your invites, sign-in posters and thank you cards with these images (you can order this from your local printer or get a DIY from staples). Order a giant photo from Staples and display on a wall inside your venue and surround it with lights. Set up a funky chair and place a throw away camera so your guests can take photos of themselves in front of the poster.

Do check out
do a search for "Hollywood" party favors, Neon novelties, novelty hats and star boppers. Have a lot of dance music, a singer/impersonator like Madonna or Annie Lenox or Lady GAGA to entertain and dance with the guests.

Good luck and have fun. I do offer design materials and other resources should you have an interest.

Take care!

tobc_507549tobc_507549Posts: 1 August 27, 2010
Since she was born in 70 .... why not a 70's party?
Tanya509225Tanya509225Posts: 1 August 30, 2010
Help trying to plan a 40t bday party for my husband in Little Rock,Ar in October!!!!
mrsrrjacksonmrsrrjacksonPosts: 7 September 16, 2010
Hello.....I am throwing me and my husband a 70's party in Dec. I have experience in event planning. If you need any ideas or some professional help let me know.
Guest September 19, 2010
In need of a nice venue in Los Angeles or surrounding areas to host a 50th birthday bash. I have my own caterer and DJ, so I basically need a hall that's in a nice area, good parking, not too expensive. I have good friends designing my invites, ready to decorate, etc., so please no advertising for your services. Everything is in place; simply need suggestions for a nice venue that won't break the bank. email:

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