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cruznmusiccruznmusicPosts: 1 July 16, 2010
I find it very interesting that Brides & Groom's hire their services purely by the internet. For such an important & delicate event you would think that they would want to be certain that the personality & services of the vendor are compatible with their wants & needs. I myself as a more than 30 year vendor require a meeting with the Bride & Groom to do three things, 1) Sign a written Contract, 3) receive a down payment, and 3) walk them through a planner/communication device to create a script for their event. Over the years I have met with couples to discuss their plans & on three occasions I have declined to book the wedding. I knew from our meeting that I would not be able to provide the services they wanted. On a couple other occasions the couple decided we were not a match & we parted company friends. We were both in agreement.
I just think that couples take the easy way out & are frequently disappointed that they didn't do more research on the vendors. After the Wedding it's too late.
My rant is only to recommend that couples make every effort to meet vendors prior to hiring them. Because of my desire to provide the best possible service for my couples I find it difficult to purchase leads that do not provide a phone number.

marvonemarvonePosts: 7 July 16, 2010
I totally agree with you. It does make it difficult for a company that is customer service oriented such as mine to shine completely when the customer doesn't have any contact with you other than on the internet.
BrevardMinisterBrevardMinisterPosts: 157 July 16, 2010
I agree to the extent it is possible. I too prefer to meet with prospective couples. However, I live in a destination wedding area where a percentage of the couples I serve do not have the opportunity to visit prior to their wedding. We have been constrained by circumstances to email and telephone. With proper care, it is possible to ascertain professionalism and get to know someone at a distance.

I definitely sympathize with your frustration about leads that do not have a phone number, but the couple may simply be using email as a screening device. Based on the professionalism and information in the email then they will provide telephone numbers to those with whom they wish to speak further. It means we vendors must take care in how we present ourselves online, over the telephone and in person.

Bridal couples should, however, be aware that they may very well be limiting themselves if they cast a small net or provide less information rather than more. For example, I decline to purchase leads when couples do not provide an estimated time for their wedding on dates when I already have one although for all we know, their time frame may not constitute a conflict. Couples should provide as much information as is realistically possible so we can ascertain whether our services meet their needs and expectations before wasting their time and ours. Clients and vendors can help one another in that respect.

Rev. Ann Fuller
Mebourne, FL
Guest July 17, 2010
I agree... My business we do photography and specialty cakes. One wedding we won the bid for the photography and lost the bid on the wedding cake. It was a bit odd seeing the cake that was made by somebody else and then hearing what was being said about the cake that was at the reception.
I really felt bad for the bride and groom.
info171227info171227Posts: 1 January 4, 2011
And to make it even more frustrating, I just paid for a referral that came without a phone number. I have yet to receive a response. I will email them once again but I no longer want to purchase any referrals that do not contain a phone number. The real problem is, I cannot find a way to phone or email Eventective!!!
eventectiveeventectiveAdministratorPosts: 313 January 4, 2011
info wrote:
And to make it even more frustrating, I just paid for a referral that came without a phone number. I have yet to receive a response. I will email them once again but I no longer want to purchase any referrals that do not contain a phone number. The real problem is, I cannot find a way to phone or email Eventective!!!

You may contact our client service team at with your questions.
eventectiveeventectiveAdministratorPosts: 313 January 4, 2011
To answer your question, Eventective does not require event planners to enter a phone number when creating their event requests. Only an email address is required. Venues and vendors can choose to set a filter to only receive leads that include both an email address and a phone number. Please keep in mind that this will lower the volume of leads as many planners prefer to not enter their phone number. To set a filter to only receive leads with a phone number:
  • Sign-in at with your screen name and password. (First-time users will need to register with a screen name and password).
  • Select the 'Listings' icon at the top of the page.
  • If you have multiple listings, locate your listing in the 'My Listings' window and click the blue 'Edit Listing' link.
  • In the Listing window, click the blue 'Lead Filters' link.
  • Select the checkbox titled 'I only want leads where the phone number has been provided'. Once you click Submit, the lead preference is saved.
  • Tip: To avoid reducing the number of leads received, many businesses prefer to not set this filter and review leads before purchasing to see if a phone number is included. This is indicated in lead details in the field labeled 'Contact Info Provided:' You can ignore the leads that indicate 'Email Only.'

    We hope this information is helpful!

    Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions or assistance at 207.253.1653 or email us at
    TonicaTonicaPosts: 6 January 7, 2011
    I am glad to hear that I am not the only one having this problem with purchasing leads. I have responded to numerous leads that only had email information and received no response from the poster. You would think that they would atleast give you a courtesy reply to let you know that they did recieve you email and to let you know if they are interested or not. $2.50 really adds up when you are constantly purchasing. My company has so much to offer and experience. The funds to do some of the more expensive roads of advertising is not available to us at this time. Does any one else have any other suggestions of other possible networks that we could so in addition to eventective.
    BrevardMinisterBrevardMinisterPosts: 157 January 13, 2011
    ATLCEventDesignLLC wrote:
    Does any one else have any other suggestions of other possible networks that we could so in addition to eventective.

    There are numerous lead generating sites regarding wedding planning. Some with lead prices as low as $1. I do not know if it would be appropriate to list who they are at Eventective though. I will say that I have used four sites, including Eventective, regularly for awhile now and Eventective is not at the top in percentage of leads becoming bookings. That may very well be through no fault of their own and simply indicative of my unique experience.

    Fortunately, I have reached a point where my own website, vendor referrals, and client referrals have left me in a position where I do not have to jump on every lead to generate business. I have found the best way to build the business is be highly professional and be extremely helpful to the other vendors. If they find you easy and pleasant to work with, they will be thrilled to have someone to refer people to in your category. If you go out of your way to alleviate someone's stress level (the couple, their family or other vendors), you will be remembered and referred.

    Best Regards,
    Rev. Ann Fuller
    Melbourne, FL
    creit183777creit183777Posts: 1 January 21, 2011
    I too have not had luck with eventective leads. I've purchased them three separate times (10 or so) and have not even had a reply to e-mail. I have suggestions that would help, but they dont seem to have an e-mail address.
    eventectiveeventectiveAdministratorPosts: 313 January 21, 2011
    Thank you for your feedback. Feel free to contact our client service team at
    Monica1965Monica1965Posts: 1 January 21, 2011
    I am trying to find severl leads that I have purchased, and can't seem to find them. I know that I purchased them, as I have the hard copy that I printed out. Any suggestions?
    eventectiveeventectiveAdministratorPosts: 313 January 21, 2011
    To view the leads that you have purchased, please login to your account at with your screen name and password. You will land on the ‘My Leads’ page. Choose the ‘Purchased Leads’ option in the ‘Lead Status’ dropdown field, and choose the ‘All’ option in the ‘Time Period’ and the ‘Event Type’ dropdown fields. This will display your purchased leads. Click the green plus sign for any lead to expand lead details and view the planner’s contact information. If you have any questions, please contact us at
    CapicuLove1CapicuLove1Posts: 254 January 23, 2011
    Perhaps a note from eventective on each forum to state that it is advised that the guest add contact information for the purpose of getting their requests fulfilled.
    eventectiveeventectiveAdministratorPosts: 313 January 24, 2011
    When a planner completes an event request, they are required to give an email address and can provide their phone number if they choose to. On the event request form, we encourage planners to enter specific details about their events to help the venues and vendors viewing their requests decide if they are a good fit for their business.
    kmcvideoproskmcvideoprosPosts: 29 January 25, 2011
    We have used Eventective and three other lead generating services since early 2009 and it seems to us that there is something that we are dancing around on this issue.

    From our point of view, none of the other three lead generating services we use combined, generates the sheer volume of leads that Eventective provides us to select from, but with the other three services we use, it is rare that we do not get a phone number with that lead. Now this post is not written to praise or condemn Eventective but we have determined that supplying a volume of leads is where Eventective places its focus (not necessarily supplying vendors higher quality leads) and that reality (from our point of view) required us to change our approach. One of the requirements of being a good entrepreneur is the ability to analyze, adapt, and make the appropriate adjustments because the business environment around us is not static. So we did just that and to put it simply, we became more selective in 2010.

    Each of us as a vendor votes for the current status quo with every $2.50 that leaves our pockets. Eventective does not take our money automatically each month as some lead services do, we choose when to give it to them.

    So let us keep this discussion alive and well, and our advice is to be more selective on what ever criteria that fits your company. Everyone that really feels strongly on the issue should let Eventective know that in addition to the information that they supply a contact phone number should be included, other leads services do on a regular basis why not Eventective? One of the lead services that we use supplies in addition to the phone numbers they include the customer's preferred method of being contacted. This lead service also takes the additional step of saying on every lead that they recommend that if the customer doesn't reply to your e-mail they suggest that you call them.

    Clearly Eventective does a lot of things very well. We feel that overall it is one the better lead services of its kind and there has to be a way to find the sweet spot on this issue to so that a higher number of leads will have phone numbers. For example: Eventective has said that many of their leads come from coordinators. At the very least coordinators for the bridal couples (whether they are professional or semi-professional) should be required to supply their phone numbers (if they don't want to give the bridal couples number). After all is that not the point of this service to get a variety of professionals to contact you so that the vendor services search can be made more efficient.

    But keep this in mind, if Eventective responds to this out cry the end result could be that the sheer volume of leads may drop and the cost of each lead may go up. That may not please a lot of the vendors connected with this service and for many of them "having something may not be as good as wanting something".
    ABETTERDJABETTERDJPosts: 24 February 7, 2011
    We purchase several hundred Eventective leads each month. It is simply a numbers game, low response rate, high booking rate. We market nationwide and only meet less than 1% of our clients in person. We do have a very detailed email draft, an over 500 page web site, a simple yet complete email planner for both DJ and photographer, and awesome phone support and planning assistance. We actually booked 2 brides last year without ever talking to them other than online, and already 2 this year. Big Grin
    images2009images2009Posts: 1 March 1, 2011
    The risk you take in purchasing leads without phone numbers is that they will be sent immediatly to the junk mail folder and never seen by the couple.when you have a phone number you can let the couple know who you are and that you have sent them a e mail or direct them to your website.even a message on the couples answering machine would be better than just sending an e mail. Couples should be convinced to leave a phone number as they would receive a better result from vendors trying to help them.
    djrockinrondjrockinronPosts: 1 March 2, 2011
    I live in Missouri. I don't know if it's just the area or what, but I have yet to book any leads from Eventective that did not include phone numbers. Therefore, I no longer purchase leads that do not include phone numbers.
    GailKingGailKingPosts: 2 March 28, 2011
    I paid $120 a while ago and when I went to purchase a lead it said my balance was zero. Today I paid $50 and was informed I had $52.50 credit. Yet when I went to purchase a lead just now I am seeing $0 balance. What happened to my $120 payment and my $50 payment? This is very frustrating.
    eventectiveeventectiveAdministratorPosts: 313 March 28, 2011
    GailKing wrote:
    I paid $120 a while ago and when I went to purchase a lead it said my balance was zero. Today I paid $50 and was informed I had $52.50 credit. Yet when I went to purchase a lead just now I am seeing $0 balance. What happened to my $120 payment and my $50 payment? This is very frustrating.

    Please contact us at and we can look into your account.

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