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BrevardMinisterBrevardMinisterPosts: 157 Melbourne, FL July 16, 2010
Having officiated a little over 200 weddings in the last five years, I have noticed something that can make a bride really stand out these days. Resist a strapless dress unless it is what you really want.

I know these are all the rage and have been so for a number of years, but something jumped out at me when I was flipping through my university's latest alumni magazine yesterday. Only one of the twenty-three brides pictured had a dress with sleeves. As a consequence, her picture practically leaped off the page. All of the other brides dresses' looked virtually identical in photos despite having bodice and skirt detail I am sure. I've actually wondered why designers have so stubbornly stuck with strapless dresses because you would think they'd have a great deal of fun designing the sleeves.

I realize this is a personal preference and am not criticizing anyone's dream dress. But if you are looking to stand out these days, a dress with sleeves is definitely one way to do it. Besides, I've seen more than a few brides hitching up the sides of their dresses without realizing it and it really does not look all that elegant when you're having to tug at the dress for fear of falling out of it.

Most importantly though, have fun shopping for your dress, don't break the bank and choose one that will also be as comfortable as possible. Trust me, wearing twenty pounds of dress in 90 degree heat is unbearable! I learned that one myself the hard way.

Best Wishes!
Rev. Ann Fuller
Melbourne, FL
KhonceptsKhonceptsPosts: 4 July 16, 2010
Hi, my quick comment as a wedding videographer is to possibly consider a fidget proof dress that once it's on, you will not need to adjust, tug or fix throughout the wedding day celebration. It's very hard to edit out those types of unconscious actions :-)
You might wish to consider a strapless dress and then add a beautiful halter strap or straps which I did for my dress and it was just what I needed for the little extra support.
Guest July 16, 2010
Personally, I have never found strapless dresses to look "elegant". They look like cocktail dresses or worse. To get an idea of how beautiful traditional wedding attire can be, you can google "modest wedding gowns". I would encourage any bride who seeks a truly "elegant" wedding to forego the trendy strapless model and choose something distinguishing and classy instead.
BrevardMinisterBrevardMinisterPosts: 157 July 16, 2010
Khoncepts wrote:
It's very hard to edit out those types of unconscious actions :-)

I didn't even consider what the video would like afterwards. You are absolutely right. If the dress adjusting is fairly obvious during the event, it must be glaring when viewing a recording at a later date.
info157979info157979Posts: 26 July 16, 2010
It is not just the video that can suffer. Tugs and pulls are one thing, but , how do I put this delicately, excess flesh hanging out under the armpits where the dress cinches is extremely hard to hide in ALL the photos. The models that display those dresses in the magazines are usually underweight, and not typical of the real world. No offense intended ladies, the real world has women with bodies that generally do not fit into those snug fitting gowns. More traditional gowns almost always photograph better, and will be more comfortable. I have sample photos from 20 years ago that still stand the test of time because the gowns and tuxes were timeless.If you are comfortable, you will look comfortable. The reverse is also true.
CapicuLove1CapicuLove1Posts: 254 July 16, 2010
I only hope that young women who purchase dresses are with company that will be honest enough to give their opinions and help. Most wedding dress dealers so take pride and fit the bride appropriately for the style of dress they like. They are professionals and know how to fit any woman with any figure. That's why I recommend that a bride pay the extra money and make a visit to a reputable bridal store or hire a professional seamstress/designer to create an original design. Unfortunately, a lot of brides don't know enough about fashion, fabric and quality and wind up with dresses that miss the mark.

But overall, I believe that the young, contemporary woman is educated, has a fashion sense, will do research by visiting bridal shops, purchasing magazines and even hire a planner who can help in the shopping process. even with a budget a modern bride will match her dress to her desired overall wedding theme and purchase a gown without the pulls, tugs and over-the-top-ness that detracts from the wedding day.
sbarn443751sbarn443751Posts: 190 July 18, 2010
I was considering a strapless dress.However, I don't have the bust for it. But I went with a halter top wedding dress. With my maid of honor and the bridal consultant, we found the perfect dress the second one.
orangeblossomorangeblossomPosts: 45 April 10, 2013
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