Balloons for a wedding, tacky or ok? Messages in this topic - RSS

Balloons for a wedding, tacky or ok? Messages in this topic - RSS

Ballons for a wedding, tacky or classy

Depends (please specifie):42
Hkemp143243Hkemp143243Posts: 72 July 13, 2010
Im looking for ways to show people where the wedding is without having huge signs all around. Whatyall think?
fernancanofernancanoPosts: 1 July 13, 2010
Hkemp143243Hkemp143243Posts: 72 July 13, 2010
MackieMackiePosts: 30 July 14, 2010
As a planner I only use balloons for children's parties, baby showers, and maybe balloon arcs for races, fundraisers or outdoor festivals. Please do not use balloons for your wedding!
wthurowwthurowPosts: 34 July 14, 2010
Wedding balloons are common and can be created to look very professional. Just like flowers, it depends on how they're arranged.
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smoore1smoore1Posts: 1 July 14, 2010
Balloon Decor is very classy when done by a professional balloon artist. I have done center pieces, dance floors and head/cake table decor. visit
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Hkemp143243Hkemp143243Posts: 72 July 14, 2010
itssx only to mark where the wedding is going to take place, like arrows orsomething
ImpressionsSlideshowsImpressionsSlideshowsPosts: 2 July 14, 2010
I don’t think that it is TACKY.. although classy isn’t the first thing that comes to mind either. I think people do need to know where the event is and using some white balloons to lead the way would be ok. ( nothing worse than not making it to an event because you cant find the place) Don’t overdo it. Maybe white balloons with silver strings in bunches of 2-4. That’s defiantly less tacky then a cardboard sign with arrows smile That’s just my opinion though.
Hkemp143243Hkemp143243Posts: 72 July 14, 2010
Thank u
ballooncrewballooncrewPosts: 2 July 14, 2010
As an event decorator in Ohio for nearly 30 years we have used balloons at lots of weddings. The tacky ones were the bride or groom's family who tried to do it them selves! Whaaaaa? All the weddings we did balloons for were elegant, tasteful and appropriate for the venue and the event. If all you are doing is using them for signage, ask for a balloon "topiary" that is air filled and stuck in the ground on a dowel rod. It can withstand rain and heat and if ribbon streamers are added, shows motion when the wind blows to get attention. Congrat and Best Wishes! smile
QuentinQuentinPosts: 20 July 14, 2010
I have seen many many signs with balloons to help indicate where a wedding is. I think it's a great way to help highlight signage.

Quentin Sarafinchan
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CapicuLove1CapicuLove1Posts: 254 July 14, 2010
If you are buying balloons from the 99 cents store and just prop several up somewhere, then yes, it's tacky. that is only appropriate for a casual BBQ or a kids party.

I went to a wedding reception and they ordered a custom balloon hanging made in the shape of a heart. It was gorgeous. Another wedding I planned, the florist took a large urn, about 4' talled, filled with leaves she sprayed silver and attached silver balloons to green poles amongst the silver leaves. it was elegan and inexpensive (any florist can do this for you and you can rent the urns - usually clay) and use any color to match your theme.

Another idea is to order a large banner with your names, a few hearts and frame the banner and place on a makeshift easel. You can attach balloons to either side, but be sure the balloons are simple - rubber with soft pastels.

Good luck!
Hkemp143243Hkemp143243Posts: 72 July 15, 2010
well our wedding will be casual BBQ style
mrsep476100mrsep476100Posts: 1 July 15, 2010
If it is a casual affair balloons are Okwink
myiandfa2011myiandfa2011Posts: 22 July 15, 2010
Well we are having a princess wedding and we found a place that could to things with balloons I never thought and the cazy thing is they look just as nice as flowers, but we haven't decided only because in florida the weather gets in the 100's and I don't want welted flowers. But trust me when I say when they do balloons for a wedding it is not the same check this out T And J Balloons And Special Occasions
info180485info180485Posts: 14 July 15, 2010
I see no problem with using balloons instead of arrows nor is there a problem using them as decorations. Use a professional to decorate with balloons for a wedding. You can do the balloons for directions yourselves, just try it in advance, stagger them to make a topiary shape instead of all at the same length. Use complimentary colors for your wedding itself especially if you gave a hint of your color scheme in your invitations.
Hkemp143243Hkemp143243Posts: 72 July 15, 2010
weddings in 3 days saturday and we had to make some last minute things
MagicCityCateringMagicCityCateringPosts: 2 July 15, 2010
Its beyond tacky, no matter what the case. There are many other items, such as fabric, that can be used in its place that will be cost-effective and festive.
Hkemp143243Hkemp143243Posts: 72 July 16, 2010
yeah on a budget thats maxed out already
sbarn443751sbarn443751Posts: 190 July 19, 2010
You can make your own signs with at least 2 ballons on it to point to the wedding and reception area. Where are you having your wedding at?
Donna300560Donna300560Posts: 3 July 22, 2010
I have seen balloons loose on the dance floor at a few weddings. I think like this its okay, based on the locations as well. But I do not think hanging up would be a good idea at all... to much like a birthday party for kids...
Guest July 22, 2010
Whatever you choose to do for your wedding will be great. Good luck on Saturday and Congrats!
Hkemp143243Hkemp143243Posts: 72 July 22, 2010
I had my wedding In philadelphi
Kenie480827Kenie480827Posts: 1 July 23, 2010
My sister and I are balloon designer and we have done numerous of weddings and it depends on how they have it set up and the lighting of the room. So I don't think it's tacky.
MrMusicMrMusicPosts: 10 July 24, 2010
I strongly disagree with the people who have written that it is tacky no matter what. As a mobile DJ that has seen a wide sample of balloons at weddings I can say this.

When you do it yourself - less is better. Have a few that are color coordinated placed in very special spots. The brides that have many have often sort of "over done it."

Way better is when I have seen professional balloon displays. If balloons are your thing, hire a pro. Ask to see some of their displays or pics of their displays at wedding receptions so you have a better time imagining what it would look like.

One of the prettiest times I saw a ceremony with balloons was when they hired a pro to do a giant (20 foot from foot to foot) balloon arc to get married under. It was inside in a very tall celing room so the wedding couple didn't have to worry about wind.
CapicuLove1CapicuLove1Posts: 254 February 27, 2011
Balloons have come a long way. There are these "bubble" balloons that are large and lighted that can be placed around a lounge area or dance floor in a large reception room. They are elegant and fun at the same time. So, it depends on how and where you are using them. Of course, kiddy rubber balloons are usually too kitschy but if they are shaped elegantly and placed right, they can look nice. I would leave balloons for outdoor events, more casual cocktail hour, or set up on one wall for photo opportunities. Just keep them to a minimum.
BeyFavorsBeyFavorsPosts: 16 March 2, 2011
I think that it can look very nice but it you are doing it so save money it may end up looking like just a regular party. I think that color choice is key to making it look more upscale. There are also patterned and textured balloons as well. In addition, you could add other interesting elements like crystals or ostrich feathers to the bunches as well. Good luck.

Guest March 4, 2011
If they outside balloons are good if you tell people what to look for....otherwise wedding signs from the paper factory work just as well...balloons are not good for the environment and are not animal friendly they are beautiful but if you are not going to get rid of them afterwards by way of proper disposal use the paper factory signs they are pretty as well.
Guest March 4, 2011
I don't think balloons are tacky...get your head out of your properly they are lovely. You can do lovely and still be posh no matter what your decor all you need is the right person to bring it to life! Use whate balloons to direc the way in small bunches who cares what color the strings are do you really think anyone is going to remember that what they will remember is .."really beautiful wedding and they marked our way with balloons so we would not get lost" The day is about your celebration of love that you share with those you choose to be there.....go ahead do it! Have a beautiful day and best wishes to you both!
Guest March 4, 2011
People you have lost it she is asking if it's ok to mark the way with balloons to her location not at the actual event...either way...balloons are a good choice enjoy your day!
Guest March 31, 2011
Thank you for sharing this information! Do you know anyone who does good wedding photography that you could recommend as well?
Guest May 6, 2011
I'm not a huge fan of balloons at a wedding. Could you do flowers instead? A colorful bouquet can work just as well for getting people's attention. Ask your wedding officiant ( ) what they think. They might have seen something at another wedding that you could use.
lisa191553lisa191553Posts: 1 May 29, 2011
Balloons can be if done right preferably by a professional can really look good! Just google it balloon decor weddings see what pops up, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.
Guest November 14, 2012
I am a balloon decorator for the last 22 years. Many, many years ago it would have been the correct thing to ask. Three balloons on each table is horrible and definitely not for a wedding. I would go even further, not for a birthday party at McDonald’s. Marking the way to the wedding is not a decoration, it is just marking.
There are companies that sell balloons (they inflate and deliver), and then there are companies like mine – decorators. The only thing these two have in common is the material (balloons) we use.
Today, if done by a professional, balloon decorations can look as formal (or casual) as you wish. Please be my guest: Even though we do any kind of decorations, we specialize in balloon sculptures, large ones. The last thing we have done was the 30’ balloon dragon with wings (go to the blog to see the pictures).
I am sure that to plan good decorations, I have to see the space. If I cannot go there, I request a few pictures of the place. Then I take the customer on the tour around my portfolio and listen their comments. Then I know what they like (and by the way, what they call “formal”), what they do not and can recommend the decoration.
Makes sense?
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Guest December 8, 2012
Buy the round balloons not the cheap dollar store ones.
AweinerwsAweinerwsPosts: 6 December 11, 2012
Balloons are seldom used for weddings. However, if you can arrange these balloons in a proper manner, then it should not be a major problem and should also look beautiful.

It is very important for you to choose balloons with suitable colors. Usually white and red ones are used for birthday parties. Light colored ones will be a good idea. Colors like sky blue or light green should help your cause.

Since you are not wanting to put up sign boards to let people know about the wedding venue, you may try using event apps. There are many such apps, with which you may make attendees aware of the wedding venue and also show the venue on a map.
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sainjawillssainjawillsPosts: 3 December 19, 2012
I don't think so its necessary to go with it. If you really need the same then go with it otherwise will be okay .
Guest Flower Mound, TX October 11, 2013
When balloons are done by professional balloon decorators they are awesome for weddings. Today balloons are more than just a party decoration. They can look elegant and expensive without breaking the budget. Think about the last 10 weddings you attended. Do you remember the flowers? Do you remember the decorations? Balloons make a lasting impression. I recently saw some balloon pillars that were unbelievable.
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Guest Norwood, OH October 14, 2013
um no. don't dare. I don't care how old you are. balloons are TACKY.
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ReeDunImaginationReeDunImaginationPosts: 6 December 16, 2013
Check out our balloons for an idea. Very gaw jus. I do agree balloons can be tacky.
However, I have seen fresh flowers look cheap. If you are
hiring a professional or someone who knows what they are doing does make a difference.

Ree-Dun Imagination
St. Louis, MO
excit745326excit745326Posts: 3 January 2, 2014
Balloons can be used in so many ways esp. for the dance floor in all depends on what type of look your going for being a balloon artist you can check out my site to get some ideas
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belin1103548belin1103548Posts: 1 January 15, 2014
There is quite a bit of extremely ELEGANT balloon decor for weddings, especially when done by a professional. Being one of those professionals, my response to those that say no to wedding balloons is "don't knock it until you see it". Go to and look under balloon ideas, decor ideas and under the occasion, click on wedding. You may change your mind once you see the absolutely beautiful work that can be done with balloons for a wedding.
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Guest Sioux Falls, SD January 29, 2014
You know what, just do a simple google image search on wedding balloons and you will see some wonderful, elegant arrangements with balloons. Don't listen to others saying it's tacky "no matter what". Besides, it's your wedding!
ReeDunImaginationReeDunImaginationPosts: 6 January 29, 2014
This is interesting now. This bride asked this question back in 2010. She's married now.....I wondered what she actually did.
Guest Lino Lakes, MN February 14, 2014
As long as there isnt too many balloons then I think your okay a little here and there

Then it's not too tacky.

rrobu1120229rrobu1120229Posts: 1 February 17, 2014
Hkemp143243 wrote:
Im looking for ways to show people where the wedding is without having huge signs all around. Whatyall think?

How about a pathway led by candles in mason jars??!!
Guest July 18, 2014
Balloons decor designed by a "Professional Balloon Decorator" and one who has taken classes and participated in Classic balloon decor can enhance any ballroom from drab to exquisite.
Example: Clear 3' balloon with white flowers around filled with 10-12 balloons (10") inside the 3' with a collar of balloons underneath then connected to 2 or 4 other 16" balloon with a balloon inside and collars all connected with #40 ribbon and tulle and floating on invisible line behind the head table is breathtakingly beautiful!
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Guest Morris Plains, NJ August 2, 2014
Balloons are for childrens birthday parties, They are never ok for a wedding, with all the options you have for wedding centerpieces and decorations balloons should never be one of them.
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Guest Springfield Illinois August 6, 2014
Balloons can be used in a very creative ways. They can be elegant. Like a choreographer uses dancers' bodies to shape space, balloons can do the same. They can make a space look intimate, metropolitan, and glamorous. There are so many new shapes, sizes, and colors that unless you have seen what can be done, one shouldn't down play their wow factor! Moreover, balloons are loved all over the world.
audre1257227audre1257227Posts: 1 14 days ago
As long as the balloons do not say "Happy Birthday" or "Get Well Soon" for a wedding, then the more balloons, the more celebrational. smile

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