I'm thinking of starting a wedding planner business---what do you think? Messages in this topic - RSS

I'm thinking of starting a wedding planner business---what do you think? Messages in this topic - RSS

MrMusicMrMusicPosts: 10 July 13, 2010
Hi everyone

I have a question for Brides, Grooms, Wedding Planners and anyone else that wants to give me some advice.

I am seriously thinking of starting a small wedding planner business in Western Washington. I have been a mobile DJ for 14 years and have learned much about the wedding business. I feel like this is a business I could handle and learn very easy but I have one worry in the back of my mind.....

I have never seen a wedding planner who is a man! Would bride's hire a male wedding planner? Would there be something you can think of where I'd be at an instant disadvantage of because I am a man? I want to get off to a great start but this one thing is a nagging question. Should there be real reasons why a man should not be a wedding planner, maybe I'll stick to my mobile DJ business that I do well but I am looking for a change and challenge and this job seems attractive to me and has a great chance to be within my skills set and knowledge base.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts. DJ Dave
myiandfa2011myiandfa2011Posts: 22 July 13, 2010
If wedding planning is what you think of before you go to bed and the first thing you think off when you get up in the morning then go for what you feel and I wish you the best in all you do.
myiandfa2011myiandfa2011Posts: 22 July 13, 2010
And I would hire a male planner!
MrMusicMrMusicPosts: 10 July 13, 2010
Thanks myiandfa, your thoughts are very encouraging. DJ Dave
Guest July 13, 2010
if you're good at wedding planning, by all means I would hire a male!
bunnyfishy99bunnyfishy99Posts: 4 July 13, 2010
I would hire a man who truly listens to what the bride (and grooms) want! Network, network, network. The more connections you have the better you can make good deals in every possible area. Look @ David Tutera... He is amazing and plans for the stars and beyond.
Hkemp143243Hkemp143243Posts: 72 July 14, 2010
I you know the buisness than go ahead. If your passionate about it go ahead. More power to ya for being a man! Id hire ya
Guest July 14, 2010
Wait, wasn't there a male wedding planner on one of those Steve Martin movies? Frah-nk? Played brilliantly by Martin Short? Sure there was!

Anyway, if you don't mind everyone assuming you are gay, then I say go for it. If women can work construction, then men should be able to be a wedding planner. That's what equality is all about. Good luck to you.
CapicuLove1CapicuLove1Posts: 254 July 14, 2010
I think it is a good idea, but my recommendation is that you contact a wedding planner in your area that is already established and see if they would take you on one of their assignments. ask for very little or no money - in exchange you will get a wealth of knowledge and a free education. females are very emotional during the wedding process, so if you do decide to do this, hire a "lady in waiting". she can help with all the feminine aspects of the planning process and have a woman's point of view. two is always better than one and I think a team of a male and female is the best combination. do watch "my fair wedding" and "whose wedding is it anyway" which have male planners who are all talented, have exquisite taste, and know how to handle flowers, sew and have staff who can get things done.
DesertLightWeddingsDesertLightWeddingsPosts: 130 July 15, 2010
I think it is a great idea! You know the business so you don't have that part of the learning curve to catch up on. My significant other is a seasoned photographer and many times in SC when someone would book a destination wedding and no planner, he played that role as well for the actual event. They loved it. Go for it!
Take1CincyTake1CincyPosts: 1 July 16, 2010
If you have never seen a man wedding planner then you aren't really up on some of the most famous wedding planners in the USA. You have never heard of Colin cowie or Preston Bailey??? Do a search on both of these men. You also need to be certified as a wedding planner. You need to contact ABC (American Bridal Consultants of America) for joining and certification. Also check out the group ISES for certification. Good luck!
BrevardMinisterBrevardMinisterPosts: 157 July 16, 2010
Follow your bliss! I second the motion for an internship or apprenticeship.
Best Wishes,
Rev. Ann Fuller
Melbourne, FL
Celia267624Celia267624Posts: 23 July 16, 2010
There are plenty of male wedding planners, but investigate the training first. The wedding planner is the person everyone looks to when ANYTHING goes crazy. You need to be a master of every aspect of the wedding; what do you know about dove releases? Grooms' cakes? Traditiona Jewish wedding ceremonies?

It's a lot more involved than most people think.
sbarn443751sbarn443751Posts: 190 July 20, 2010
I would hire a male wedding planner! I watch a lot of we tv Bridezillas and My fair wedding with David tutura. If I had the money I would hire him. But wedding planners are out of my budget range and well I just pray that my wedding won't be a another nightmare! Since we upped our wedding date. And we upped it again. This time August for the third and I hope final time!
Guest January 25, 2013
Dave, did you start your business?

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