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Guest July 11, 2010
As a Bride what is it about a Planner that makes you want to hire them??
greg183432greg183432Posts: 14 July 11, 2010
Since the wedding planner is so involved in all aspects of the wedding you need to be sure you can trust them to plan YOUR wedding, not theirs. When interviewing the planner are they telling you what they can do for you? or are they asking about what you want? Early on ask them what they can do for you. If they start just spouting off places and budgets and colors and everything, then they are not truly helping you to plan they are planning it for you.

If on the other hand they start answering the question by asking you questions and responding in such a way to tailor it to what you want then you may have a winner. Exanple:

You: what kind of day can you plan for me?

Them: When is your day? What is your theme? Do you want an outdoor event?

You: (respond)

Them: There is a nice venue that will accommodate that (whatever) and (why)

That is a winning conversation. ALL your vendors should be picked that way. Don't let the vendor dictate how your day will go. Make sure they are tailoring and creating a day based on the things you want.

Best of Luck & Congratulations!


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DesertLightWeddingsDesertLightWeddingsPosts: 130 July 11, 2010
Great question. I am a planner and can tell you what I tell couples who are not in my areas of service or when I refer them to someone because I am already booked.

First of all how do you 'get along'? Especially if you are getting full planning you will have a relationship with your planner and working together is important.

The planner should listen to what you want and then guide you. It is your wedding and ultimately it should be what you want it to be. He/she (will use she from here on out to mean both) should give you guidance and recommendations based on experience. While the wedding industry is new to you, to us it is not and one of the things you want a planner for is to help keep you from making big, costly mistakes.

Flexibility is important. Patience in helping you. What you may start out wanting is not what you will end up wanting if you are planning over a period of time. Just recently, I had a groom call me as I'm heading out the door to the wedding with changes in the timeline. Not a problem and I adjusted it and the wedding was perfect.

Price is important, but you don't want to rule out someone based on either end of the spectrum. Just like anything else there will be higher planners and lower priced planners...both may be equally capable and fantastic planners and you can have the reverse be true as well.

Her ideas and suggestions for you. I always give suggestions up front that help my couples even if they do not hire me whether they decide on someone else or to do it themselves. If you have a theme or something unfamiliar to her, then willingness to research and learn. Very important. I was just talking to a new venue sales person yesterday and we both were laughing that the traditional church weddings just are not as common anymore.

Don't discount new planners and immediately go for the seasoned ones. Just like with cost, can swing either way. Many new planners are very good and come from a background that provided them with business and planning experience (and of course problem solving skills).

Determine what help you want (guidance, day of coordination, just a brief consultation, or full planning) and see how her services fit your needs and if she customizes for you.

Just some ideas to get you started. If you go to my website you can download a 'Couple's Checklist' to help you with ideas and you can also find my services to give you an idea of what a planner can offer you. I am one of those who has packages, but customizes for each couple.

Hope this helps!

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Guest July 11, 2010
Best Wishes on your upcoming wedding. This can be a stressful time for you. But it does not have to be. A good planner will meet with you and explain the wedding process to you. I am a planner in N.J. and the first thing I do is to have a meeting with the bride and groom. Sometimes it is just the bride and her mother. At this meeting I will ask the bride what she would like her wedding to be and how she can achieve her goals and stay within her budget. You must also like the planner as a person because she will be your best friend for at least a year. Make sure your planner will answer all your calls and that she will solve any problem that might come up. I believe that everything between the bride and the planner is kept private. You can tell if you have the perfect planner when you finish your meeting and you feel much better about everything.
All the best.
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sbarn443751sbarn443751Posts: 190 July 11, 2010
Do wedding planners charge by the hour? Because we are paying for our entire wedding and planning the whole thing ourselves.
DesertLightWeddingsDesertLightWeddingsPosts: 130 July 12, 2010
sbarnhart1974 wrote:
Do wedding planners charge by the hour? Because we are paying for our entire wedding and planning the whole thing ourselves.

I cannot speak for all, but for myself and those I know...only for those who want a very little bit of help. You can get hourly consultation however many have packages and customize those to your needs. For instance, I do hourly consultations if that is all the couple wants/needs, a little guidance to get you started package, day of coordination, and then full planning. My packages even with the customization have a starting price and we adjust either up or down depending on the needs/wants of my couple. So it depends on your planner.

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Guest July 12, 2010
Best Wishes on your upcoming wedding. Since you are planning the the entire wedding yourself I would suggested you talk to a planner for just one consultation. I am a planner and I only can speak for myself. In this consultation I would explain to the bride and groom all the things they need to do. Also what to look for and what questions to ask each vendor. I would give suggestions and they in turn may ask me any questions they might have. This usually takes up to two hours and usually the cost is about $45. Some planners offer packages if you are willing to use their other services. From my experience I have found that those planning their own wedding usually come for the first consultation. Then later on when things start to pile up they may need a little more help from the consultant. But it depends on how much time the bride and groom have to solve upcoming problems.
Good luck with your planning.
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Guest January 15, 2012

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