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Centerpieces take home or rental??? Messages in this topic - RSS

ellie449404ellie449404Posts: 2 June 15, 2010
My mom thinks i should have centerpieces that the guests could take home because all my family events have that, but i wanted to get them through a company so they would be really big, eye catching, and less stressful. I'm also considering the budget so what would be a better idea??? Where is a budget friendly place for big ceterpieces or where can i buy the items to make them???
QuentinQuentinPosts: 20 June 15, 2010 would be a great place to go to find the materials to make your center pieces. For rentals where your wedding is located would help as many event rental places are locally based.

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ASTGBASTGBPosts: 2 June 15, 2010
Try Craigslist to try to purchase from another bride! Don't worry if the colors of the flowers do not can always add your own flowers and personal touch with items purchased from Michael's or AC Moore.
Happy planning!
Guest June 16, 2010
For something more custom made try a local wholesale silk company that's also open to the public. They can make anything you like and you can have a hand in picking out the types of flowers and colors.
sbarn443751sbarn443751Posts: 190 June 27, 2010
Dollar stores are great! That is where I am getting the centerpieces that I am making and the flowers. Everyone will think I'm crazy, but garage sales is another great place to start. I have bought 3 butter tubs full of shells for .75! Try out different craft stores as well.
trlyblsd4utrlyblsd4uPosts: 10 June 29, 2010
Find a company that rent based on your color, style and decor, as well as your budget!! Or if you don't mind spending the money to purchase the same kind of centerpeices, some florist will do that as well.

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icefo410430icefo410430Posts: 1 June 30, 2010
That is the reason that you give out favors, that way all of your guest can take something home to remember your wedding. Only one person can take the centerpiece of the table they sat at. Rent the centerpieces and give out the favors.
trlyblsd4utrlyblsd4uPosts: 10 June 30, 2010
iceforestdesignz wrote:
That is the reason that you give out favors, that way all of your guest can take something home to remember your wedding. Only one person can take the centerpiece of the table they sat at. Rent the centerpieces and give out the favors.

I agree that why went rent centerpeices to fit everyones budget, decor, colors etc...
The couple can give us a call and we will take care of them wink
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Guest July 11, 2010
The flowers are yours regardless. What you are buying are the flowers. many of the flower centerpieces are able to be removed from the vases, depending upon the design.

i would recommend this:

go to a home decor store, like "Home Goods" and buy your own vases. They have a wonderful selection, and if you have say, 10-12 tables, you can probably purchase clear tall cylindars or another dramatic design. if they are say $40 each, you save a lot, because people will take them home and you can bring these to the florist who will just sell you the flowers.

Goood luck!
Contact me should you need further advice. (put eventective on subject line)
QuinnPhotoTampaQuinnPhotoTampaPosts: 8 July 22, 2010
From your post question it sounds like you want to buy/rent centerpieces. And your mom is giving you what she thinks is best.

Big and showy to me is $150 or more each as topiaries with fresh flowers. The rental of the two foot high or so containers is expensive. And beware some will think that they can take the rentals.

If you make everything yourself it can cause additional stress. I was the lead bridal flower designer for three years make all my own flowers and was up until 11:45p the night before my wedding making corsages, rose halos and centerpieces for the wedding.

I really cool fun idea that we saw one couple do was get huge vases, 2'x8" fill with water and fresh fruit. they had candles and "apples of wisdom" around the centerpiece. The apples had little sayings on them. It was really pretty and cost effective.

If you do go the route of making something yourself silk flowers are good that way you can get a head start on everything. I mean nice silk flowers from a wholesale house instead of the dollar store or wal mart...those often look like they are from the dollar store.

What is your gut telling you? Go with that. Good luck.
MrMusicMrMusicPosts: 10 July 24, 2010
Based on my DJ experience, about 25% of my past clients have requested that I announce to their guests that it is OK to take the centerpieces.

I can't think of any reason not to have them or have them that can help you decide. Good Luck!
FlowerknifeFlowerknifePosts: 5 July 25, 2010
First you can only rent fake flowers not real. You will have to have the band or DJ announce that the table arrangements are not to be taken. You will need to word this carefully as not to offend any guest or look cheap on your part.
WeddingsandMoreWeddingsandMorePosts: 1 July 28, 2010
Talk to a local florist. Many stores operated by the owners and not a franchise will work with you. Things may be a bit slow for that store and they are ready to bargain. Flowers can be taken home by the guests and should last 5 to 7 days. Keep the best for you and it will be there when you get back from your honeymoon. If you are in Orlando, contact me.
Guest August 30, 2010
Really big beautiful centerpieces are the ostrich feather centerpieces. And you can rent them at
Guest September 25, 2012
Hi I rent out centerpieces to locals around San Jose. If you want you can check out my website:

Many people like to rent out centerpieces due to the high cost buying your own. I would love to work with anyone's budget and go accordingly. Thanks!
joelc959116joelc959116Posts: 1 October 26, 2012
You must have take home centerpieces so that it will remind you of the best time you had in your wedding. You can buy wedding centerpieces here at
CharlestonWeddingPhotographersCharlestonWeddingPhotographersPosts: 11 October 28, 2012
These are 90 degree or L-shaped clear acrylic frames. They come in 4x6", 5x7", 8x10". Add your engagement photo(s) to these frames, scatter some rose petals on table, add a 3-4" candle. Let everyone take everything home. The acrylic frames can be found at Walmart, Michaels arts and crafts and are very cheap. Candles are cheap as well.
Guest November 20, 2012
We paint coconuts for wedding centerpieces. Sometimes they are multi-purposed bridal party gifts and other times they are gifted to various attendees. It's fun to add a sharpie to the table and let attendees sign away. We're at
monaschocolatesmonaschocolatesPosts: 8 January 10, 2013
I agree with a previous post, you should bring a centerpiece home with you to remind you of your beautiful wedding. At my brother's wedding they had metal Moroccan lanterns with a tealight that were placed on a mirror and rose petals spread around the lantern. It was so beautiful and elegant. But, the best thing was afterwards they took all the lanterns to their new home and hung them outside on the patio.

I would also suggest personalized edible wedding favors, because your guests will enjoy eating the flavors. Instead having non-edible wedding favors and they will be hidden in a drawer, thrown away or given away.

If you would like to hear more suggestions; please contact me.


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