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Wedding on a budget in Orlando, FL?? Messages in this topic - RSS

aghersyaghersyPosts: 1 Orlando February 1, 2014
Hello! I'm new here, but anyway my fiance and I just got engaged in new years and we want a nice wedding but we agreed to keep it on a budget however everything I search online is so expensive..for us anyway.
I had found everything I wanted and it came up to $15,000! but I can only spend 3,000-5,000 max. upset
I wanted to plan it myself but it's really hard and I'm honestly lost when it comes to it idk where to start.
I want a short, cute ceremony and then a nice reception and there will probably be 50-75 people.
We want to get married next year.
ideas? advice? help?
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tippytoby57tippytoby57Posts: 4 May 28, 2014
Probably one of the cheapest places to get married in is a church. I got married in my church, years ago and only spent $3,000, including my wedding dress and my sister's maid-of-honor dress. Although I was lucky in that sense! I came across a beautiful white prom dress that was marked down to $99, and a matching pink prom dress, for the same, that I bought for my sister to wear. My mother, who's very artistic and used to work in a florist, made my veil. Then I found my sister's daughter's dress, who was the flower girl, in the same department store that I got our dresses. Ha! Ha! I had a limited time to plan my wedding in, and had to get everything done in four months! Getting married was a spur of the moment decision! Back to the church-- most churches have a reception area where you can have your reception. If you want to provide your own "banquet" by having friends cook and bring covered dishes, the reception areas in churches always have kitchens. So you'll have access to a stove to warm up plates and wash up dishes afterwards. Of course, you'd have to make sure you have willing friends and family that would do that while you're taking off on your honeymoon! But I'm sure they would love to do it for you! All that would save money. Find a church of your faith, or at least one that has beautiful grounds, perhaps with the door of the reception room opening to those grounds and see if you can have access to the grounds, as well. Promise to leave the place as clean as you found it, and they probably will have no issue with you renting the reception area, with access to the grounds, in addition to the chapel. Another place you might look into is Leu Gardens. I know a number of people have gotten married there as well, although I don't know what the price would be. You might be able to have your reception there, with a caterer, if they have picnic areas. I have a friend that got married years ago at Delaney Park, right off of Gore St. and Delaney Ave. It's a very small place. If you got married there, you'd have to provide your own chairs and stuff for people to sit on. There may be a company that will rent you the chairs and deliver them for you. Check any of the parks in Orlando to see where you could get married and what the view looks like. A park with a lake would be beautiful. Having it anywhere like Leu Gardens or a park, you'd have to work out the details with the city of Orlando, or Orange County. After my friend's wedding in the park, I don't remember where my friend had her reception, if she had one at all. But you can check out some restaurants to find out how much they'd rent their space to you for, and what the food would cost. If it's a really casual, small wedding, you don't have to do anything very fancy. It's the fun, love and the memories that count. One last thing--if you have enough money left over, think about having caricatures done at your wedding. It would be a little something extra you could give your guests to take home with them that they'd treasure for a lifetime. I'm willing to work within anyone's budget. Give me a call or email me if you're interested and take a look at my samples on Facebook: Marsha Eaton Caricatures,, 407-277-6448
AllAg932183AllAg932183Posts: 4 New York, NY July 7, 2014
I am new to the Orlando area, but one of the things that has surprised me is the lack of outdoor weddings. Yes, the weather can be an issue, but if everyone is flexible, it is just beautiful! As I do the Photo Booth side of the entertainment, I understand how challenging the weather can be, but there are sooo many places.

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