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dyann450341dyann450341Posts: 2 June 6, 2010
Does anyone know why it is possible to find designer wedding dresses on some web sites for as low as 200.00 but in any store they are always between 800 and up? It may be a stupid question but I havent talked to anyone that has bought a dress from the website or any of the other cheap wedding dress web sites. The dress I am considering buying is 1300.00 from a bridal store, its an Alfred Angelo but can be found on other web sites for 300.00.... Any details?
hindahoney30hindahoney30Posts: 9 June 7, 2010
We are wedding planners and we always recommend that the bride try on her dress before purchasing it. When I had my wedding, many years ago, I bought a beautiful wedding dress for $100.00 on sale, marked down from $300.00. Being young, thin and attractive, I didn't feel I had to have a designer wedding dress because the one I purchased was just as beautiful and it fit me well. Now a days it is a bit different. However one must go with what your budget is and also go with a style and a fit to suit you. We definitely do not suggest purchasing a wedding dress on line unless you have tried the same exact dress on before in a retail store. Even then you may have a night mare of a dress because you don't know for sure that it is exactly what you are getting. The dress my be the same designer dress, your size and perfectly beautiful but it still may not fit as good as if you were there in the retail store having it made to fit you by a professional seamstress. It is a gamble but chances are you are better off dealing directly and in person. Remember you get what you pay for. If your wedding dress is an important part of your wedding then don't worry about saving money, get what you want. Remember you will probably never wear it again. When you are young and beautiful you will look just as gorgeous in an expensive wedding gown as you will in an inexpensive gown. The fit is the most important thing. We know ladies that purchase a wedding gown used and look just as special as anyone else.

We wish your the best and hope that this will help you with your decision. Best wishes for a long, happy and healthy marriage.
Guest June 7, 2010
I am a full service bridal shop owner and can answer your question. There are a lot of counterfeit websites out there. There are a lot of chinese manufactures that cut dresses that are look a likes. That dress will not be made from the same fabrics, it will lack the proper construction in a dress, and the embellishments will be different as well. I have many upset brides come through my doors asking for help with their online purchase from these online vendors. I have had brides not receive their purchases and had to start all over again with me. They also never receive their money back from their online purchase.

Prices of gowns will vary at each bridal shop due to their overhead. Remember these dresses do not come in perfect to our shops. The come in a little box, inside out, and very wrinkled. A bridal shop inspects that dress from top to bottom and steams that dress for you. If you order online you will be the one doing that and steaming a dress is not an easy task. We have special steamers used to press the dresses. If we see an issue with a dress we are the ones fixing it or calling the designer to have it fixed immediately. If you order online you will be the one calling the online vendor to get your dress corrected. If you can get in contact with them.

Online vendors do not have the overhead of a brick and mortar store. So there is no way to compare on costs. Online vendors will always be cheaper but you do not know what you will get and there will be additional expenses(pressing). So the savings are not as great as they seem to be.
sbarn443751sbarn443751Posts: 190 June 19, 2010
I did have a second wedding dress that I was going to purchase on-line. But I have read all of the warnings about buying online dresses. I went back to the bridal shop where I bought my first dress, I got my second dress for the same price as my first. Keep looking online, and find a bridal shop near where you live, they may have the same dress that you are looking for at a lower price. Call around.
Rebec449201Rebec449201Posts: 2 June 20, 2010 This link will bring you to a site with nice dresses, and they are all under $200 on the page. You can change the price on the bar above the dresses to slightly higher if you are not impressed with what you see. Happy Hunting
sbarn443751sbarn443751Posts: 190 June 21, 2010
You are better off going to a bridal shop, show them a picture of the wedding dress,they may have something similar. But a bride always knows when she found the right wedding dress. If you have the venue already, tell them where it is at,they may have one that is perfect for that venue.
Guest July 11, 2010
you'll find something suitable there. Good luck!
Guest July 15, 2010
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CapicuLove1CapicuLove1Posts: 254 July 16, 2010
if you have a ways to go before your wedding day, I would be honest with your bridal shop. tell them you need a great sale and when are they having their yearly sale. perhaps you can get your angelo dress cheaper if you wait a few months. david's bridal also has a couple of sales per year and you can get a dress up to 1/2 off. i would not recommend the $99 sale, because they are usually samples, dirty or not the best fabric. I'm with the "guest" who wrote about the "knock-offs". You can get great dresses on line- but it's the fabric that matters. You don't want cheap fabric. You want a quality made dress that will fit you. I know that bridal stores charge more, but they do give you more, i.e., personal service, tailoring, fitting, they can fit you best (better than you can) for your body type and style desired.

So, in essence, if you want a great dress, you really need to pay the extra money. But do try to get a sale, do some comparison shop (you can walk into another bridal store and say, I priced an Alfred Angelo for $1,300 - can you do better on the price?) They may give you 5 to ten percent off if you buy it right there and then.

Good luck.


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